• How porous is your hair?  Realising by yourself what your hair needs are can be tricky. It doesn't surprise us! Imagine that you had to identify what your body is missing without taking a blood [...]

    Test: how porous is your hair?
  • Known for its hair multiplying and bond repairing care, Miriam Quevedo’s Black Baccara Haircare Collection is turning heads more than ever  Do you know why brands recommend to use a complete ri [...]

    The magic behind our Black Baccara Haircare Collection
  • BLACK BACCARA HAIR TEXTURIZING WAVE MIST WITH ROSE GOLD: the first styler that protects and rejuvenates your hair Your hair is prone to aging when you style it, but not when you use our secret [...]

    Meet our new Black Baccara Hair Texturizing Wave Mist with Rose Gold!
  • Achieving Healthy and Beautiful Hair at Home Like everything else, Valentine’s Day is bound to be quite different this year. Whether you want to look your best for an at-home date or simply w [...]

    Prepare your mane for Valentine's day!
  • The Miriam Quevedo bestsellers Over the years, Miriam Quevedo has made a name for herself as a leader in anti-aging skin and hair care. Every single product, from indulgent facial creams to [...]

    Indulge your skin and hair
  • A Breath of Fresh Air for the Cells  As oxygenation is becoming an increasingly popular skincare treatment you might be wondering - what about all those antioxidants I’ve been told I should us [...]

    Oxygen for Your Skin
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