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Glacial White Caviar Cell Rejuvenating Body Cream

Highly effective anti-aging body cream with White Caviar

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What it is: The benefits of our best-selling rejuvenating Glacial White Caviar Precious Cream now available for your body, too. This advanced anti aging body cream uses the latest skincare technologies to offer deep hydration and cellular renewal while firming, sculpting, improving skin texture to tighten areas of the body that have lost elasticity over years.

What it does: The rich composition of our body moisturizer in revolutionary anti-aging active ingredients such as White Caviar Extract, White Peony Extract, Cell-Detox Booster and a High Potency Triple-Antioxidant Complex (DNA Defense) work to diminish the signs of aging, boost cellular renewal and protect the skin against free radicals and daily aggressions including photo-aging, and pollution. Its Rejuvenating Bio-Ceramide Blend and Stretch Mark Removal Complex deeply repair the skin to rapidly enhance its appearance. The luxurious texture of the anti aging body cream melts into the skin, wrapping it in a moisturizing, protective, and lifting veil for the most sensorial experience. Discover our global rejuvenating treatment for a nourished, healthy and youthful skin. 

Who it's for: For all skin types including dry, sensitive, dehydrated, aged or sensitized.


Apply the rejuvenating body moisturizer daily, morning and night. Using the enclosed spatula, apply the rich cream to your palm. Rub your hands together to warm the product. Gently massage into skin using upward circular movements.

For truly extraordinary and enhanced results of spa at home, follow the below application sequence:
- OXYGENATE. Stimulate the toxin elimination process, the lymphatic and circulatory system.
- ACTIVATE. Perform a kneading massage with your knuckles to potentiate the anti-aging benefits: firm, sculpt and improve skin elasticity.
- ENHANCE. Use the pinching technique to achieve a toning effect, activates the collagen and elastin.
Note: Perform pinching with both hands, alternately, insisting on the problematic areas.

To enhance even more the extraordinary benefits, use our Luxurious Gua Sha.


- White Caviar Extract: Rich in essential amino acids, structuring peptides, proteins, essential fatty acids and trace elements. Anti-aging Lipoprotein complex with high repairing action.
- Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water: Contains a unique combination of minerals. Allows active ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin, increases cell’s resilience and survival at high temperatures. Protects against thermal aging and replenishes and maintains a pure and continuous hydration given its nano-encapsulation technology.
- High Potency Triple-Antioxidant Complex (DNA Defense): Offers daily protection at the cellular level. Captures, blocks and defends against three types of free radicals: reactive species of Oxygen (ROS), Nitrogen (RNS) and Carbonyl (RCS). Active bubble that purifies skin cells and protects the cell core from aging.
- Cell-Detox Booster: Boosts skin autophagy system (skin’s natural detox process) to naturally eliminate accumulated components that intoxicate cells. Smoothes facial lines and illuminates complexion, improves skin relief on photo exposed skin, reduces wrinkle volume, unifies tone and restores natural radiance to intoxicated and tired skin. 
- Daemonorops Draco Extract: Red resin from tree sap used since ancient times for its highly regenerative properties. Accelerates healing process, repairs and protects skin.
- Prebiotic Peptide: Strengthens vulnerable urban and sensitive skin by boosting the skin’s own defense system promoting microbiota balance, diversity and an increase in beneficial bacteria.  Additionally, it improves the skin’s immune response and the physical barrier integrity.
- White Peony Extract: Derived from a multistep extraction of the roots of Paeonia lactiflora. It acts as a radiance promotor and brightening agent. It also acts on the uniformity of skin color by correcting excessive redness and reducing age spots for a more even tone. Contains antioxidant properties that reduce the production of free radicals induced by pollution and tobacco.
- Botanical Extracts (Organic Edelweiss Flower and Cotton): Defends the skin from oxidative stress. Natural photo-protector from UV rays, contains anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 
- Organic Inca Inchi Oil: Organic oil from the Andes, Peru. Reduces trans-epidermal water loss, improves the barrier effect, protects the cell membrane and prevents DNA degradation. Improves skin's surface and normalizes keratinization.
- Chamomile Butter: Helps to regenerate, calm and protect the skin. It has anti-irritant and regenerating properties, calms sensitive skin and reduces redness.
- Avocado Oil: Rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E. Penetrates deeply to nourish the skin.
- Organic Baobab Oil: High antioxidant activity. It has regenerating, soothing, conditioning, repairing and anti-inflammatory properties.
- Remodeling Plant Extract: Acmella Spilanthes flower extract traditionally used for its soothing and stimulating properties of the immune system. Strengthens the dermal structure, provides a firming and lifting effect, improves skin surface, reduces wrinkles from the first application and leaves skin firmer and smoother.
- Thermal Water: Medicinal water from Hot Springs Salies de Bearn des Gaves (France). Rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Copper.
- Shea Butter: Hydrates and protects skin with an invisible barrier. Accelerates tissue growth, providing more flexible, functional skin with a restored barrier. 
- Rejuvenating Bio-Ceramide Blend: Composed of Olive Glycerides and Ceramide 3, it targets the visible signs of aging. By retaining moisture within the skin, it helps to quickly restore the elasticity and firmness. Reconstructs the skin barrier to enhance its smoothness and diminishes the wrinkles appearance. Additionally, it works as a protective shield against external aggressors causing premature aging.
- Stretch Mark Removal Complex: Innovative plant-based combination of Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) and Codonopsis (Codonopsis pilosula) to visibly diminish stretch marks, including white ones. Actively stimulates the fibroblasts, that synthesize the extracellular matrix and collagen, to improve skin firmness and elasticity, providing an anti-aging action.

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies carried out by prestigious external laboratories to demonstrate the high valuation in global anti-aging efficacy and sensoriality of the ritual:

After using the 3-product full body ritual, participants observed the following:
- 100% affirm that skin feels smoother and softer
- 100% affirm that it helps soothe skin and soothe irritated or sensitized skin
- 98% affirm that it reduces flaccidity and provides a deep action of hydration and global nutrition
- 95% affirm that their skin looks rejuvenated, firmed, plump and elastic
- 91% affirm that it evens the tone, reduces the appearance of pigmentation signs
- 86% affirm that it reduces the appearance of wrinkles
- 77% affirm that it reduces the appearance of stretch marks
- 100% affirm that they would recommend it to a friend

*In vivo study of 45 women over 35 years old with a daily use of the complete ritual. Results after a 84-day use.


- Global rejuvenating treatment, protects skin from all type of aggressions and increases the skin’s tolerance
- Provides anti-aging, anti photo-aging, and anti-pollution benefits with a firming and toning effect
- Preserves and enhances a pure hydration
- Helps to restore the damaged barrier function
- Helps enhance skin’s regeneration process and contains ultra-repairing properties
- Creates visibly more luminous skin, correcting excessive redness and reducing age spots for a more even tone
- Prevents the appearance of redness and helps to diminish the symptoms of irritated skin
- Reduces the appearance of red and white stretch marks
- Visibly smooths the skin and provides microrelief
- Contains desensitizing and antioxidant properties
- Nourishes the skin
- Calms skin with an extremely comforting sensation
- Reduces neurogenic inflammation and itchiness related to sensitive skin
- Leaves skin with a healthier, softer, and radiant appearance
- Acts on the following Aging Theories: Free Radicals, Photo-aging, Pollution, Thermal Aging, Inflammation, Pollution, Toxic Waste and Theory of Wear


Formulated without Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oils, Phthalates, Paraffin or Petrolatum.

“ If you look at the list of highly effective ingredients in this treasure you will understand how we were able to achieve unprecedented results. Its high concentration of powerful active ingredients works in synergy to prevent and reverse daily premature aging factors.”

Miriam Quevedo, the founder

Extraordinary proven results

* In vivo study of 45 women over 35 years old with a regular use of the complete ritual. Results after a 84-day use.

After a regular use of the Glacial White Caviar bodycare collection:

100% of the participants would recommend it

95% of participants could purchase the products

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