regain your skin's youthfulness after summer

21 Sep, 2023



Summer is about to end, and fall is approaching. You’re probably wondering how to restore healthy and radiant skin, aren't you? I always emphasize the importance of prevention and protection, but no matter how careful we are during the summer, the skin undergoes a lot of damage that can lead to issues. For example, just 30 minutes of heat exposure three times a week can lead to disruption of various skin functions, and prolonged sun exposure can cause sun spots on skin, premature aging, and burns, among other problems. Regain your skin's youthfulness after summer with all my secrets.


what are the signs of summer aging on the skin?


The heat, sun exposure, contact with sea salt and pool chlorine, overindulgence in food and beverages, changes in the circadian cycle... all contribute to inflammation in the body and reactive behavior in the skin.

This can lead to the appearance of sun spots on the skin, sensitivity, irritation, a disruption of the protective barrier, loss of hydration, radiance, and vitality, increased oil production, and the onset of pimples.

With high temperatures and increased sweating, we also lose more minerals than in other seasons, which are essential for maintaining skin functions. We apply more sunscreen, which leaves residues on the surface, and more dead skin cells accumulate on the skin, making it dull.


how does the sun affect the skin?


The sun emits ultraviolet rays and generates highly destructive free radicals and reactive substances that can permeate the skin, potentially leading to cellular damage.  

In addition to immediate effects like sunburn, prolonged UV exposure can lead to premature aging and sun-induced skin blemishes. Repair and regeneration processes become slower, resulting in sun-aged skin characterized by wrinkles, loss of elasticity, uneven texture, and even white spots on skin from sun. 

UV rays also contribute to the degradation of collagen and elastin, reduce antioxidant levels, and can weaken the skin's defense system, leading to inflammaging.



why did this happen?


At the end of the season, your skin would have faced various adverse effects that can deteriorate its condition. Consequently, it is inevitable that your skin will be in poorer condition compared to the beginning of the season. However, the more diligently you have cared for it, the swifter you rejuvenate its health and beauty.

One of the main reasons for sun damaged skin is the lack of adequate sun protection. Not using sunscreen with the appropriate protection factor (at least SPF 30) and not reapplying it regularly while outdoors can allow harmful UV rays to penetrate the skin.

Failing to rinse off after swimming in the sea or pool means that the substances from these waters will linger on your skin, causing ongoing adverse effects. Alongside disrupting the pH balance, they leave behind residues that amplify toxicity. 


how to reverse the effects of the sun on the skin?


Regain your skin's youthfulness after summer and get rid of signs of premature aging by adapting your skincare routine to its current needs and some other simple steps.

Take care of yourself inside and out: drink water, avoid alcohol, get enough sleep, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet.

• The first post-summer commandment is exfoliation: since more residues and dead cells have accumulated during the summer, and your pores may be clogged, you should exfoliate more frequently. It's the best way to renew the dermis and remove impurities.

Hydration is essential: you should apply moisturizing creams and lotions to both your body and face to restore lost moisture. Using hydrating masks to repair skin damage from sun is highly recommended.

Monitor your skin's health: if you developed blemishes during the summer, it's best to have them checked to rule out malignancy. Visit a dermatologist for an evaluation.


All you need is to establish a skincare routine to notice changes and improve your skin's condition after the summer. I can think of many treasures that would work wonders to restore your skin's youthfulness after summer, but I especially recommend these:


post-summer skincare routine for face


Step 1. The Volcanic Cleansing Powder eliminates dead cells, cleanses, and renews the skin thanks to its pineapple and papaya enzymes, gemstones, and volcanic ash.



Step 2. Our iconic Precious Cream repairs and helps fight signs of aging, including sun-induced blemishes. Its formula with white caviar and bio-ceramides provides deep hydration with a firming effect.



Step 3. The Precious Eye Cream improves firmness, reduces wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. It stimulates renewal and protects against aging with 6 peptides at 11%.



Step 4. Black Baccara Dynamic Vitamin C and 24k Gold Booster. A serum with Gold and Vitamin C for instant transformation! It's an all-in-one treatment. Its concentrated formula with 30% Vitamin C and 24k pure gold rejuvenates the skin, reduces dark spots, expression lines, wrinkles, and enhances radiance, firmness, and tone.



post-summer bodycare routine


Step 1. Our Regenerating Body Scrub regenerates the skin, promotes circulation, and removes dead cells, dry patches, pollution, and impurities, leaving it smooth.

Step 2. Revitalizing Body Cleansing Balm. It's a cleansing balm packed with active ingredients that regenerate, repair, and protect the skin while deeply hydrating it and defending against free radicals.

Step 3. The Cell Rejuvenating Body Cream is the perfect moisturizer because it deeply renews body cells, firms, sculpts, improves skin texture, and tightens areas that have lost elasticity.

Step 4. Enhance the results of this rejuvenating ritual with the Luxurious Gua Sha. After regular use, it helps firm tissues, improve circulation, release toxins, mitigate the appearance of wrinkles, and reduce subcutaneous lipids like cellulite.

Clinical studies show that this rejuvenating ritual reduces sagging by 98%, evens out tone by 91%, reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 86%, and reduces the appearance of stretch marks by 77%.



After summer, our skin may show signs of sun damage. However, with a proper skincare routine and the use of products specifically formulated to repair and protect the skin, it's possible to regain its beauty and health. Always remember to use sunscreen and adopt preventive measures to keep your skin radiant and protected throughout the year.

Precious Cream

The all-in-one face moisturizer that hydrate, rejuvenate and full protect your skin

Precious Eye Cream

The all-in-one eye contour that act on the visible signs of aging of the eye area

Luxurious Gua Sha

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