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What is body aging?

Posted on: 04/7/2022 13:34:57
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As experts in anti-aging treatments, we’ve already talked about the aging process of our hair and face. However, what about our body’s aging? Hydrating our body’s skin usually comes to mind, but we don't tend to take a step further to provide those nutrients it needs in reality to prevent aging. Just like we follow specific routines for our facial skin, your body’s skin also requires a routine adapted to its needs. 

Let’s discover all about our body’s aging and how to counteract it. Keep reading! 

How does the bodys skin age? 

Miriam, together with our R&D laboratory, has for years been researching the main scientifically-proven theories of aging. These include the principals of inflammaging, the theory of free radicals (or oxidative stress), aging caused by pollution and blue light from digital devices, our lifestyle or natural aging. 

All of these have an impact on both our hair and skin, and not only on our facial skin, but also on our body’s skin. The skin of the face and body both share markers of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, the skin has its own aging markers, like stretch marks, dehydration or loss of firmness and elasticity. To discover more about the theories of aging, see our dedicated blog post. 

Main factors of body aging 

Have you ever asked yourself why the body’s skin becomes drier than the face’s skin? The answer is that our body has fewer sebaceous glands and lipids and so it dries out faster. Yet, the importance of lipids doesn’t stop here, as these are responsible for maintaining our skin’s cellular structure compact so that it is firm, hydrated and healthy. As of the age of 30, our skin generates less lipids and this provokes the acceleration of aging and the appearance of the first markers of aging. 

In addition, there are other specific factors that actively contribute to our body’s aging: 

  • Abrupt changes in weight

An increase or decrease of weight within a short time, including those that occur during pregnancy, cause our body’s skin to stretch more than usual. This, together with the natural aging process, results in flaccidity and loosening of specific body areas. 

  • Tight-fitting clothing 

Has it ever crossed your mind that wearing tight-fitting clothing could affect our body’s aging? In effect, these types of clothes impede the skin’s correct oxygenation. They constrict the blood’s circulation as well as the draining of waste substances, and this promotes cellulite and the retention of fluids. 

  • Synthetic clothing 

Synthetic clothing is especially inadvisable for those people with highly sensitive or atopic skin. Synthetic fabrics can cause itchiness, irritation or even eczemas that accelerate aging. 

  • Poor postures 

Do you tend to lean forward without being aware of it? Pay attention to this involuntary gesture, given that it detracts from your lungs’ capacity, thereby reducing our oxygenation, something that is absolutely essential for the skin’s proper nourishment. On another hand, adopting poor postures also harms our body’s muscles, and translates into greater flaccidity. Finally, these can cause poor blood circulation, just like tight-fitting clothes do. 


New Glacial White Caviar Precious Body Collection

In line with our philosophy, our iconic collection Glacial White Caviar for facial skin, Miriam has developed the new Glacial White Caviar Precious Body Collection. A luxurious ritual that goes beyond hydration, deeply nourishing the body’s skin and addressing all of its needs. It has been formulated with the goal of minimizing the impact of the passing of time on the body’s skin in three steps: regenerating, revitalizing and rejuvenating. It comprises a regenerative body exfoliant, revitalizing balm and rejuvenating body cream. Its immersive fragrances and textures will create an authentic spa at home with professional results. 

We revolutionize our body’s skincare with the new Glacial White Caviar Precious Body Collection and its combination of 26 active ingredients in high concentrations. Some of these were already present in the Glacial White Caviar lines for the face and hair, like white caviar extract and encapsulated Swiss glacier water, and have been included in the bodycare collection. Yet, our new line includes other ingredients for exceptional results for the body’s skin. Among these we must mention the white peony extract, which illuminates the skin, or the stretch mark removal complex, which functions to reduce stretch marks. 

Join our body revolution and go beyond hydration to give your skin the nourishment it needs to prevent and delay the body’s aging. 


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