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presenting the body revolution

Miriam Quevedo reveals her latest innovation: a luxurious rejuvenating bodycare with White Caviar. The skin of the body also ages and needs specific body treatments that protect it against the passage of time. Inspired by the Precious Cream, her most iconic facial care treasure, Miriam and our own R&D laboratory have developed a prodigious ritual with proven high efficacy that reverses the signs of body aging such as loss of firmness and elasticity, stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines from age or dehydration. The new Glacial White Caviar line takes you on an exquisite sensory journey thanks to the unique textures and fragrances of its perfecting and firming body treatments.

Precious body skin care routine

At-home Spa ritual to visibly rejuvenate the skin of your body in 3 steps:

Instantly polish and regenerate your skin with our exfoliating body scrub, leaving it silky smooth and ready for further treatments.


Free your skin from impurities without damaging its protective barrier with the first anti-aging and revitalizing cleansing balm.


Beyond hydration, this anti-aging body cream stimulates cell renewal to visibly firm and improve skin texture.


Extraordinary proven results

*In vivo study of 45 women over 35 years old with a daily use of the complete ritual. Results after a 84-day use.

Complete your collection

Enhance the exceptional benefits of Cell Rejuvenating Body Cream while oxygenating and revitalizing your skin.


To simply discover our newest treasures or to take them with you anywhere.


with White Caviar

"I chose White Caviar for its highly repairing and regenerating properties. I remember how difficult it was to acquire this miraculous ingredient: quite a challenge that makes this cream an even more unique and special jewel."

& Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water

"I wanted the purest water, from the deepest part of the glacier that had not been in contact with the sun. We managed to overcome the difficulties in transport to our R&D laboratory and encapsulated this valuable and hydrating water, full of anti-aging properties"

“If you look at the list of highly effective ingredients in this treasure you will understand how we were able to achieve unprecedented results. Its high concentration of powerful active ingredients works in synergy to prevent and reverse daily premature aging factors.”

Miriam Quevedo, the founder


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