The magic behind our Black Baccara Haircare Collection

Posted on: 06/16/2021 17:05:39
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Known for its hair multiplying and bond repairing care, Miriam Quevedo’s Black Baccara Haircare Collection is turning heads more than ever

Do you know why brands recommend to use a complete ritual?

The Black Baccara Haircare Collection is Miriam Quevedo’s pride and joy. Its core ingredients are Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate + Fresh Rose Stem Cells which make this Miriam Quevedo’s first global haircare line to reverse the signs of aging. We’re all prone to loss of hair thickness and hair damage if we do not take proper care of our mane. Did you know that your hair is affected by pollution on a daily basis? Protect your hair from the damage caused by this external factor with Moringa Peptide, which can be found in the Black Baccara Haircare Collection. It Improves hair’s strength and resistance, acts as a photo-protector, conditions and repairs even the most damaged hair to transform it back to its virgin state.

As well as looking after your ends for shiny, glossy locks, it is paramount that you take care of your scalp. Scalp care is one of the Black Baccara Haircare Collection’s main focuses. Haven’t you noticed how the overall health of your hair is positively affected when you take care of your scalp? Miriam Quevedo affirms “Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp. Scalp care has always been at the core of my approach, since the first anti-aging haircare collection I launched. Our difference resides in the fact that we design each product to have rejuvenating properties as well other benefits specific to a certain hair type.”


The three levels of anti-aging nourishment

The Black Baccara Haircare Collection includes the most cutting-edge ingredients which work at three levels that affect the hair’s health: the cellular (on the scalp), fibre level and molecular level.

The Black Baccara Haircare Collection contains Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate which provides intense protection against our lifestyle and environment that can disturb the hair growth biological clock. The cutting-edge formulation is designed to protect and defend cells from cycle variations to keep hair growing healthy and prevent premature aging of both the hair follicle and shaft.

In order to strengthen the hair from inside the fibre, Miriam Quevedo made sure to include Multi-bond Filler, which restores hair fibre strength and elasticity by up to 3 times of untreated hair, restoring it back to its virgin state.

Rejuvenating the hair from the molecular level is just as vital for a healthy mane; 100% Vegan Keratin increases hair strength and elasticity protecting against damage from harsh salon processes, environmental stressors, and oxidative stress. Vegan Keratin improves manageability and leaves hair looking shinier and healthier.


Better together

The beauty of our Miriam Quevedo Collections, is that products have been designed to go hand-in-hand given that its precious active ingredients, when mixed, work together boosting global rejuvenation and anti-aging results.

The collection includes a Hair Multiplying Shampoo and Mask, that work together seamlessly to repair and strengthen your hair with every use. They nourish the scalp and stimulate growth. This combination has proven results; our clinical studies show improved hair density (positive in 100% subjects, up to +40%) after using these Black Baccara treasures together.

Another fabulous partnership within this collection is the Black Baccara Hair Repairing & Multiplying Serum and our new Black Baccara Hair Texturizing Wave Mist With Rose Gold. It’s the perfect duo to style your hair!

Pairing products can be a tricky task without the helping hand of Miriam Quevedo products. They work together seamlessly to provide a tailored finish for your hair. Our Black Baccara Hair Repairing & Multiplying Serum improves strength and elasticity in even the most damaged hair. Along with our new Black Baccara Hair Texturizing Wave Mist, that treats your hair at the same time as styling, they provide guaranteed protection from heat tools as well as giving your hair an ultra-light feel.


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