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How often should you wash your hair?

Posted on: 02/23/2022 13:28:44
Category: Products

There are countless false myths about cleansing our hair and scalp. However, almost all of them have to do with one main question: How often must we wash our hair? Today we reveal all of your doubts by the hand of she who knows the answer best: our founder and hair expert, Miriam Quevedo. 

Depends: Miriam Quevedo answers 

 - Each person’s hair is unique and requires a specific haircare routine and cleansing frequency. We must get to know our hair and scalp very well, and take into account our lifestyle in detail. At Miriam Quevedo, we always ask the same question: If you skip washing your hair during a few days, do you still notice that it's clean or, to the contrary, do you notice that it quickly gets dirty? 

Is it bad to wash your hair every day? 

- Of course not. You can cleanse your hair every day, as long as you use products that respect both your scalp and your hair fiber. At Miriam Quevedo, we do without sulfates and incorporate natural surfactants that are respectful and selective for removing impurities and dirt while preserving our natural protective barrier, and active antioxidant ingredients for protecting the hair fiber when wet. 

The right question is: Do you need to wash it every day? If you use hairstyling products every day or work downtown in a large city, it’s likely that your hair and scalp can be smothered by impurities, contamination, chemical particles and product residues. In this case, surely you need to wash it every day without skipping any day. 


 Double shampooing, yes or no? 

- Again, the answer is that it depends. It depends on your hair, the condition of your scalp and your lifestyle. For example, someone with very fine hair and a greasy scalp will wash their hair every day, wherefore shampooing once will suffice. However, someone with highly porous hair and a dry scalp will not need to wash their hair every day but will require shampooing twice. 

“In beauty and in life, the secret lies in having patience.” 

Must we leave shampoo on to act before rinsing it out?  

- I always tell my daughters that in beauty and in life, the secret lies in having patience. If our shower is the best moment of the day, why do we rush through it? All of our shampoos are treatment shampoos, and their list of ingredients is too long to not let them act correctly on your hair and scalp. So, take a deep breath, leave your shampoo onduring a couple of minutes and treat yourself to a gentle scalp massage: the cleansing will be deeper and this will multiply the treatment’s benefits because as the ingredients will be better absorbed.  

Choosing the perfect shampoo 

Now that you know that shampoo is absolutely essential in any haircare routine, it’s time to choose the shampoo that your hair and scalp needs. At Miriam Quevedo, there are as many options as there are hair-related concerns in the world: to boost growth, for fine hair that lacks volume, against hair loss, for frizzy hair, for sensitive and dehydrated scalps, and many more. Get the one that's ideal for you and start your journey toward beautiful hair.

The treasures of Miriam Quevedo to cleanse and liberate 


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