What are the parts of our hair?

13 Mar, 2023



Did you know that split ends or dryness are our hair’s wrinkles? Yes. Our hair and scalp also age. To be able to provide the most efficient haircare, thoroughly understand its function and how to reverse its aging, we must know exactly what the parts of our hair are. 

At Miriam Quevedo, we’re trailblazers and experts in anti-aging haircare. Not only do we focus on the tip of the iceberg, but rather bear in mind all of the parts of the hair. Furthermore, we’re also revolutionary, because we apply the same technologies and protocols of skincare to haircare. 


What is hair?

The hair that covers most of our body’s surface is called androgenic hair; however, we refer to the hair on our head as simply hair. 

Hair is a structure comprised of 28% protein (mostly keratin), 2% lipids and 70% water and other substances. It is located in the hair follicle, the cavity in our skin where hair is born. Its main function is protective and it maintains our body’s temperature.

Our eyelashes, eyebrows and vellus hair are different, and never grow as long as the hair on our head. This occurs because the latter is more deeply inserted in the scalp’s skin than occurs with the rest of our body’s hair. 


What are the parts of the hair?

The hair is a structure made up of the scalp, follicle and fiber. Yes, in general, the parts of the hair may be divided into two basic structures: the shaft and the root. 



The shaft or hair fiber is the external part of the hair and is composed of lifeless keratin cells. Here can be observed the visible effects of aging, such as breakage, split ends, dryness, porosity, thinning of the fiber and frizz. 

The fiber has 3 circular layers: 

1. The cuticle:

This is the most external hair layer, which is highly resistant and gives it its good appearance. It is transparent and covered by a type of hard keratin scales. Its purpose is to protect the most internal structures from external aggressors and is in charge of controlling hydration. 

Even though this cuticle is quite resistant, it can also suffer damage. Contamination, wind, styling, heat tools, dyes and bleaching powders or rubbing our hair with a towel open and harm this layer, causing hair porosity


2. The cortex:

Located in the intermediate region of our hair, this is where melanin is found, which is responsible for our hair’s color. It is in charge of the hair’s elasticity and resistance.

The disulfide bonds, which are small chains which give the hair its permanent shape or pattern, are found in this layer; in other words, whether our hair is straight, curly or wavy. 


3. The medulla: 

This is like our hair’s vertebral column, its innermost area, and is composed of soft, interconnected keratin cells. Its main function is to receive the substances coming from the root. 



The follicle or root is the innermost part of the hair and is responsible for its growth. This is a tube measuring approximately 4mm located in the hair follicle, inserted in the scalp. It is here where we can find the effects of aging, like hair loss or debility, internal inflammaging, lack of oxygen... and is made up of:

- The internal sheath: separates the hair’s root from the external sheath, and is composed of cells in the shape of an upward-pointing tube. 

- The external sheath: surrounds the hair follicle, and is a downward-pointing continuation of the epidermis. 

- The hair bulb: shaped like a drop, it’s the most voluminous part and is responsible for hair growth. It is formed of several layers of germinative cells shaped like rings that surround the papilla.

- The dermal papilla: located at the base of the follicle, it is very rich in vessels and nerves. Controls the hair growth cycle and transfers the blood’s nutrients to the hair. 

- The arrector pili muscles: the hair rises when these contract. 

- The sebaceous glands: in charge of producing the scalp’s natural oil, the function of which is to hydrate and protect. 

Discover my treasures for healthy follicles.



Don’t forget about the scalp

The scalp is the support and anchor of all of the above. This is why it must be healthy and have great blood flow for nutrients to reach the follicle and so that all of our treasure’s active ingredients may penetrate into the deeper layers and, thereby, ensure the shaft’s proper growth and development. Improve your scalp’s health with the Miriam Quevedo shock treatments, with clinically proven results. 

Furthermore, did you know that the scalp is also skin? It was a long time ago that I understood that, after all, it’s an extension of our face and is affected by the same factors of aging, like sensitivity, itchiness, dryness or too much oil... However, it ages 6 times faster than the rest of the body’s skin!

Now that you know which are the parts of our hair, you’ll understand that all of them impact the process on the way to achieving a beautiful, rejuvenated mane. My goal is for all of my diamonds and sparkles to have healthy hair, both inside and out, and my treasures are formulated for this purpose.



Discover how to rejuvenate your hair and shine, you are precious!

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