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Oxygen for Your Skin

Posted on: 12/9/2020 14:19:01
Category: Products

A Breath of Fresh Air for the Cells

As oxygenation is becoming an increasingly popular skincare treatment you might be wondering - what about all those antioxidants I’ve been told I should use?

Oxidation and Oxygenation are two different processes and today we’ll help demystify both.


Oxidation vs. Oxygenation

Both processes are essential to the lifecycle of your skin cells. Oxygenation supports the health of the cells by stimulating blood flow. As cells metabolise oxygen, some of them reach the end of their life cycle and decay through Oxidation. The entire cycle is essential to skin renewal - which in turn is key to keeping your skin healthy, glowing and free from signs of aging.


So what do Antioxidants do?

We incorporate antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Retinol, or Flavonoids in skincare products for two reasons. Firstly, to ensure that as our skin is exposed to internal or external aggressors these do not accelerate the skin cell aging process. Secondly, antioxidants neutralise the action of free radicals. When cells eventually reach the end of their life span, up to 2% of them turn into free radicals as a result of the oxidation process. These molecular particles are unstable and when they build up, can throw things off balance.

Cell turnover and the resulting free radicals are entirely natural processes that our skin can cope with in normal conditions. But the more the skin goes through this process, the more it looses its ability to absorb oxygen to stimulate new cell growth. This also affects the production of elastin and collagen, resulting in deepening expression lines, wrinkles, or spots.


Why you need oxygen for your skin

An influx of oxygen is the single most important factor for cell renewal, whether we’re talking about the skin or any other cells in the body. However, when it comes to skin, by age 30 oxygen levels in the skin drop by as much as 25% as our ability to absorb it diminishes. By age 40 the drop doubles to 50%. Living in areas with high pollution further aggravates this.

By providing extra oxygen deep into your skin through treatments and products, you help balance off this loss, stimulating cell renewal. This provides benefits for all skin types - from rejuvenating mature skin, to soothing sensitive skin, to balancing out oily skin with a tendency for imperfections.


A daily boost of oxygen for your skin

We’re proud to introduce the newest addition to our Glacial White Caviar Skincare Collection - the Glacial White Caviar Precious Cleansing Foam, featuring our revolutionary Oxygen Delivery System. We’ve developed it to help you turn your daily cleansing routine into one that continuously delivers non-ROS oxygen to the deepest layers of your skin, helping it regenerate and maintain its youth and natural glow.

The Glacial White Caviar Precious Cleansing Foam has triple action:
- It cleanses skin, removing traces of makeup, impurities and excess sebum;
- It exfoliates gently, using Gluconalactone - a gentle polyhydroxy acid (PHA) with a gentle action, making it suitable even for the most sensitive of skins;
- It deeply oxygenates the skin to support cell renewal for a reenergized and youthful complexion.

What’s more, the formulation of the Glacial White Caviar Precious Cleansing Foam is enriched with potent antioxidants: Vitamin C and E rich Fig Extract, Lemon Water, Dragon Fruit Extract, Organic Edelweiss Flower and Cotton. All the benefits of deep oxygenation and antioxidant action, wrapped into a luxurious texture that soothes your skin.


We can’t wait for you to try it!


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