Double Cleansing - More Than A Beauty Trend

17 Jan, 2020


If you feel like double cleansing is the talk of the town, you're not imagining things. Google searches for double cleansing or 2 step cleansing have been rising since 2016. But what is it and why is everybody singing its praises? Let's find out!

As the name suggests, double cleansing is about cleaning your face in two steps. The first involves a product that is often oil based. Whether it's a balm, actual oil, or micellar water, it's meant to remove makeup and oil-based debris.

Removing makeup is essential, but dermatologists and beauty experts argue a second step is necessary. A second, water-based, cleanser ensures that excess sebum and dirt are also removed. This leaves the skin clean and ready for the next steps.


Where did double cleansing come from?

One day you're cleaning your face diligently with make-up remover, and the next it's not enough. How did this happen?

We owe the double cleansing revolution to K-beauty permeating Western beauty culture. True to the dedication for rituals in Asian culture, Korean beauty regimens have as many as 13 steps. They turn skincare into a daily ceremony.

We'll get back to the ritual in a minute, but let's see why double cleansing is more than a trend.


The science-backed argument for double cleansing

One of the theories of aging is that of free radicals. Their production and effects are enhanced by oxidative damage. This results from obviously harming activities like smoking and pollution.

We formulate our dermo-cosmetics with care and use ingredients that deliver nutrients to the deep layers of the skin. But unfortunately no products can protect 100% from exterior harm and unwanted elements get into our pores daily. The best way to avoid their effects is to properly clean the skin. This prepares it to receive the nutrients that will help it fight free radicals and other aging elements from the inside.


How to double cleanse

Double cleansing is about doing more than a 'good enough' job about cleaning your skin. So be prepared to invest a bit more time than you're currently used to to really reap the results.

Step one is removing the make-up and dirt from the surface of the skin with a cream or balm. We recommend the Black Baccara Global Cleansing Milk.It has a soft, milky texture and soothing ingredients like Chamomile and Aloe Vera, making it efficient, but gentle.

For the second step, the Miriam Quevedo recommendation is the Black Baccara Volcanic Cleansing Powder. Mixed with water, it emulsifies and foams, going deeper into your pores and it also acts as an exfoliant. This is due to its content in mineral rich volcanic ash and pineapple and papaya enzymes.

For a 2 in 1 double cleansing ritual we recommend the Glacial White Caviar Cleanser Crème. It's especially beneficial to sensitive skin. Use the micro-emulsion oil to remove make-up. Then combine with the Glacial White Caviar Toning Lotion or water to give it a milky texture. After massaging into the skin, remove with water.

Whatever products you choose, proper application is key. Spend at least one minute for the second step of the double cleansing but be gentle. Especially with products such as ours, that also have exfoliating ingredients, there is no need to rub your skin and risk irritating it. Use circular motions, pushing up and outward to lift and remove dirt from your pores and always use lukewarm water.


Double the cleansing - double the benefits

A clean skin is the cornerstone of an efficient beauty ritual so we hope we've convinced you of the many merits of double cleansing. If you need extra reasons to adopt it, think of it as a ritual of self-care at the start and end of your day. Double cleansing creates a blank canvas for all the good stuff to get into your pores. And if you're wondering what to follow with, stay tuned for our recommendations of the best products to put on your skin after cleansing it!



Cleanser Crème

Rich face cleanser to get rid of all impurities and make-up residue

Toning Lotion

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