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What it is: An essential concentrate with 20 exclusive active ingredients including Caviar that work on multiple levels to fight hair loss.

What it does: Intensive shock treatment helps treat and prevent hair loss. The exclusive active ingredients penetrate into the hair and scalp helping to stimulate, activate and prolong the hair’s growth phase. It improves the micro-circulation in the scalp, providing nutrients to the roots that help thicken and increase hair growth density and fight the aging process.

Who it’s for: Those with brittle hair prone to falling out. Especially recommended for people suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

What it’s free of: Formulated without Parabens, Mineral Oils, Phthalates, Paraffin or Petrolatum.

Ingredients : :
- : Organic Ruscus Extract
- : Protein Complex 5-Minerals
- : Cegaba and DNA
- : Organic Silicon
- : Vital Hair and Scalp Complex
- : Inositol
- : Hydrolyzed Keratin Peptide
- : Panthenol
- : Methyl Nicotinate
- : A+C+E Vitamin Complex
- : L-Arginine
- : Caviar
Benefits : :
- : Helps to treat and prevent hair loss.
- : Stimulates, activates and prolongs the hair growth phase.
- : Increases hair strength, thickness and density.
- : Promotes proper protein synthesis, enhancing the follicle’s regeneration capacity to improve and strengthen the hair’s condition.
- : Helps to diminish scalp sebum and dandruff.
- : Stimulates circulation.
- : Has anti-inflammatory properties.
-- : - Growth factor: can stop and revert hair loss.
- : Helps to regenerate the corneous layer.
- : Helps to stop hair loss and improve hair density.
- : Helps to reduce inflammation and prevent oxidation.
- : Has antioxidant, anti-free radicals and protective properties.
- : Acts as a booster for other capillary products thanks to its hydration and ability to normalize the keratinization processes.
Before bedtime, apply 1/3 of the vial to the scalp to dry or damp hair and gently massage until completely absorbed.  Allow the state-of-the-art, exclusive active ingredients to penetrate your hair overnight. Continue with your normal routine the following day.
Caviar: Effective anti-aging action. One of the most selective and exclusive cosmetic ingredients, thanks to its lipoprotein complex. It protects the scalp and hair, and promotes restructuring. Excellent moisturizing and protective properties.

Organic Ruscus Extract: Stimulates circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Protein Complex 5-Minerals: Dermophyllic complex made up of magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and silica. These minerals link to a polypeptide substrate and this way the cells absorb the complex. They penetrate the scalp and provide moisture and an extra input of essential minerals

Cegaba: Neuromodulator which stimulates mitosis or cell division, producing the regeneration of the corneous layer. A Growth Factor capable of stopping and reverting hair loss (scientifically proved). It prolongs the hair growth and follicle fortifying phases, making hair more resistant, and decreasing sebum and dandruff on the scalp. Hair lasts longer, and it is stronger and thicker. Avoids follicle death. Clinical Studies.

DNA: Prevents mistakes in protein formation.

Organic Silicon (Silicium): High concentration. This element is necessary for hair grow. Clinical studies show that it helps prevent hair loss and increase density.

Vital Hair and Scalp Complex: Contains bio-fermented Hexapeptide, Betaine derived from beet, Sugar cane extract, lemon and apple, and Green tea extract, with the following properties: Improved follicle health, decreased hair loss, reduced inflammation and oxidation, increased active ingredient penetration in the follicle.

Inositol: Fortifies the hair and improves its circulation.

Keratin Peptide: High film-forming action. Its ultra-repairing and softening properties for the capillary structure, create a protective film that restores the hair fiber, including damaged ones. Brightens, softens and moisturizes. Intense thermal protection.

Panthenol: Provitamin B5 which our body turns into vitamin B5. Increases moisturizing and freshness for longer-lasting, healthy hair. It is quickly assimilated by the scalp and avoids brittle, lifeless hair.

Methyl Nicotinate: Rubefacient and vasodilatation properties. Activates blood circulation.

A+C+E Vitamin Complex: Antioxidant, anti-free radicals, with protecting and resurfacing properties.

L-Arginine: Powerful agent for improving capillary tissue microcirculation


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