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The luxury of Miriam Quevedo extends beyond the product line with the brand’s Spa Rituals, indulgent experiences in select spas around the world that transport mind and body to an oasis of relaxation.

Harnessing anti-aging spa techniques, grounded in time-honored tradition, the Spa Rituals offer the utmost in facial rejuvenation, body sculpting and sensorial beauty.
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Imagine the best anti-aging facial you’ve ever had but for your hair and scalp! We begin by taking magnified photos as a ‘before’ allowing our therapist to craft a personalized blend of products to treat your specific needs. Our one-of-kind experience follows the same steps as an exceptional anti-aging facial: cleansing rituals, exfoliation, superior hydration, cell revitalization, bio-regenerators, serums and revitalizing botanical mixtures for the most exclusive hair rejuvenation treatment.

An icon in hair rejuvenation using the most precious ingredients, bio-stimulating anti-aging techniques, along with the most advanced haircare methods to achieve extraordinarily rejuvenated and healthy hair, transformed as you immerse yourself in a journey of absolute relaxation.

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