What is a HairSpa and why do you need to go?

Posted on: 07/8/2021 10:59:06
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BIG NEWS: The HairSpa by Miriam Quevedo is reopening!

Do you normally go to SPAs or aesthetics centers? At least you’ll must have heard about facial or body treatments, and you possibly have received one throughout your life. In addition, if you’re reading this article, you probably enjoy taking care of your skin to rejuvenate it and leaving it healthy and glowing. Nevertheless, you should be aware that something is missing for your hair. Did this new HairSpa concept catch your attention? We’ll tell you everything you need to know!



Did you know your hair is also prone to aging? that your hair beauty depends on the health of the scalp? And that scalp is an extension of skin? If you care about your skin but you forget your hair in your beauty routine, you’ll leaving aside the keys of how to take care of your hair!

Facial treatments are certainly essentials to rejuvenate and clean up skin, leaving it youthful and radiant. Well, the same is true for hair! By treating scalp and hair fibre with cutting-edge professional care your hair transforms completely. Repairing, regenerating, detoxifying, protecting… it’s possible to turn your hair back to its natural state trusting the real experts.



After 15 years of research and development, Miriam Quevedo positions herself as the utmost haircare and rejuvenating treatment expert. With her observation about the fact that scalp is skin and is the key of every result, she started the Hair Skinification movement: she used all the precious, rare and unique ingredients, as well as the botanical and biotechnology ones on her haircare treatments, using the same technologies and methodologies with unprecedented results. She understood the importance of treating and pampering your scalp, just as you do with your skin in your daily routine! The innovative and revolutionary HairSpa by Miriam Quevedo, which is unique in the world, was born thanks to her passion for global rejuvenation. Can you find a better location than the spa of the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Barcelona Hotel?

After months of lots of emotions, passion and dedication, the day has arrived… our HairSpa reopens for everybody!



A healthy hair is a beautiful hair, just as an aged hair – be careful, not just because of aging! – degrades your appearance. Have you ever experienced the amazing feeling of a good hair day? We explain you how to live it every day with this wonderful sensorial experience.

Two hours of pure pleasure which will satisfy your 5 senses… and your hair! Our Hair Therapist, trained in Tricology by Miriam Quevedo herself, will carry out a detailed diagnostic with the help of our modern technology based on the iMicro-camera, to identify the specific needs and understand the current state of your scalp and hair fibre. From this point on, he builds a customized ritual with the most precious ingredients and the most advanced anti-aging bio-stimulating techniques to treat the specific needs of each client and leave a rejuvenated, healthy and transformed hair instantly, while you immerse yourself in an absolute relaxation journey.

The treatments are carried out with the client laying on the treatment stretcher in a private room. You will experience the different steps of the treatment: a deep scalp exfoliation to get rid of all the impurities, a double cleansing ritual to treat and oxygenate, an intense hydration and, depending on your needs, a shock treatment, a cellular dynamization, bio-regeneratives, serums and revitalizing botanical blends. In this journey of rejuvenation, you will enjoy stimulating neck, arms and shoulders massages with specific properties: relaxing, to allow a better circulation of fluids, draining, to eliminate all the impurities and other wonders that will immerse you into an oasis of peace. Your hair and scalp will play the most important role, you will just have to relax and let yourself go.



At the end, our expert will recommend you a monitoring ritual to maintain and boost the benefits of the treatment, given that it is crucial to start listening our hair and answering its needs daily.


We’re convinced you’ll fall in love with the whole experience. Book your appointment and share your experience with us! Whether you are hosted at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel or not, we’re waiting for you!

“A sublime hair starts now” Miriam Quevedo

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