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Posted on: 05/5/2021 08:50:34
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Scalp care: the key step for a wonderful mane

When we talk about beauty and anti-aging treatments, we mean so much more than just taking care of our skin and hair. We are aware of the signs of aging and we actively look for products and treatments that help us to treat lack of volume, elasticity and frizz. However, we are forgetting a key step in our care routine: scalp care. Did you know that to be able to show off healthy hair it is essential that the scalp is in optimal condition?

As with the skin, the signs of aging on our scalp progress gradually as we get older. What affects our dermis, also affects our scalp and, therefore, our hair.

How does our scalp age?

The inevitable passage of time and the modern way of life are some of the factors that cause our scalp’s health to deteriorate.

The process begins when our collagen production naturally decreases, which causes cell regeneration to slow down and in turn, causes the skin to thin and lose elasticity. The sebaceous gland slows down, the scalp becomes dehydrated and the skin barrier to weakens.

Redness and discomfort may start to occur, blood circulation slows down and becomes irregular, allowing less nutrients and oxygen to reach the root of the hair. The growth phases are altered and the hair grows slower, resulting in a head of hair with less thickness and strength. This loss ultimately leads to weakening of the follicle, which cannot create hair and causes hair loss.

What factors are involved in the aging of the scalp?

There are two types of factors that accelerate the natural aging of the scalp: internal and external.

As for the former, it will depend a lot on how we take care of ourselves holistically. That is, our general health and well-being. This could be aspects such as our diet, and even our mental health. Factors such as iron deficiency, stress or a poor diet deficient in vitamins and trace elements can directly affect cellular processes and, consequently, the growth of our hair.

In terms of external factors, we must take pollution or digital aging into account. Pollution molecules that live in the air, penetrate the skin’s pores and the scalp with ease. They damage the protective layer of the skin and leave "the door open" to other pathogens that can cause all kinds of damage to our dermis. The larger molecules also affect the skin, dirtying the scalp and clogging pores, causing a reduction in hair oxygenation, which causes loss of shine, strength and thickness.

Our exposure to blue light has increased over the years as technology has advanced. The light emitted by our computer, Tablet or Smartphone alters our circadian rhythm, an internal clock that regulates the different functions of our body, affecting the cellular processes of our skin and hair.

A key step in our routine

Treating the scalp is key to maintaining healthy and youthful hair. The solution to many of our concerns regarding our hair’s appearance and maintenance is found in the care of the skin under it.

All Miriam Quevedo haircare collections contain high concentrations of ingredients that aim to prevent aging of the scalp and therefore, maintain the health and appearance of our hair.

Essential products to take care of the scalp

Black Baccara Hair Multiplying Scalp Concentrate + Pre-Treatment Exfoliator

An exclusive treatment for intensive hair growth that prevents the overall aging of the hair. It is fortified with hair growth factors that act at the heart of the follicle. Prevents and reverses hair loss while enhancing its growth. It includes a gentle exfoliator to prepare the scalp, eliminate toxins, impurities and dead skin cells. It also contains powerful active ingredients with anti-inflammatories, as well as antioxidant and sebum-regulating properties that restore the balance of the scalp and provide in depth hydration. This treatment is great for those with anti-aging needs or those who have weak, fine or brittle hair.

Anything else? It is a vegan product, created from green technology and uses environmentally friendly packaging.

Extreme Caviar Exfoliating Scrub Scalp Mask

A luxurious pre-treatment! An exfoliating mask that renews the scalp and prepares it for subsequent treatments. It softens the scalp and makes it feel comfortable. Our Extreme Caviar Exfoliating Scrub Scalp Mask exfoliates and helps detoxify skin cells thanks to its invigorating formula rich in our powerful Cell-Detox Booster. Perfect for all hair types.

Extreme Caviar Purifying Charcoal Shampoo

A miraculous shampoo created specifically for scalps affected by seborrhea or seborrheic dermatitis. Its function is to detoxify and purify without irritating the scalp. What’s the secret? The combined action of Caviar and Bio Active Charcoal together with Bio sulfur, which also calms dryness and sensitivity. The precious formula of our Extreme Caviar Purifying Charcoal Shampoo helps to restore the natural protective hydrolipidic barrier of the hair to defend itself against environmental and chemical aggressors, making way for a revitalized mane.

Extreme Caviar Bio-Regenerative Shock Treatment Vitamin Reinforcement

This essential energizing bioregenerative concentrate helps to strengthen and nourish the hair and scalp. Especially recommended for hair with chemical treatments or exposure to extreme environmental conditions. Provides essential vitamins and nutrients to regain all vitality and lost shine thanks to its exclusive ingredients, such as Caviar. This luxurious concentrate is vital to our night time routine. It should be applied without rinsing, for greater penetration into the hair.

Remember: Our outer beauty is like an iceberg. We only see what is exposed, but its appearance and health depend on what we cannot see and that deserves the same –or more- care and dedication.

Take this into account during your pampering routine!


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