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Miriam Quevedo x Pedro Torres

Posted on: 11/9/2020 12:24:07
Category: A Day With

Pedro Torres and his relationship with time’s concept

At Miriam Quevedo, our goal is to reverse and minimize the impact of time on our skin and hair. Each of our products is formulated to keep skin and hair in optimum health and make you feel your best at every age.

Time is a preoccupation for us all and is at the heart of Pedro Torres’ work. A visual artist, Torres (Brasil, 1982) has held exhibitions around the world, with a focus on the concepts of time and memory.

We recently had the chance to shoot our products with some of his artworks and speak to him about his relationship with time and how he took advantage of the pause forced upon us by Covid-19 to reconnect with his artistic process.


How does your art progress from initial idea to final piece?

I try to balance the initial concept with the visual and aesthetic aspect. My projects usually have a conceptual base that takes form in many ways depending on the individual piece. Sometimes the process starts with the material. In other cases, it comes from a single thought and takes shape over time, changing with what I want to transmit. Even though I work with different methodologies, my intuition is key for my work.


We're all concerned with time. How do you integrate this concept into your work?

Time is the central axis of my practice. Starting with this concept – so wide, difficult, and complex, yet permeating everything – I link it with other areas of interest like space, memory or image. From that point, I create projects that explore time from different angles. I think that it is a difficult thing to catch, so I observe it sideways.


Has your relationship with time changed through the years?

Absolutely. We own time and time owns us. We change through the years, as does our perception of it. For me, it is like a beautiful dance.


How has the current crisis affected your artistic work?

We are living through a very particular period and we do not have the proper distance to process everything that is happening. I think that this is a moment of transformation. In fact, during quarantine, my goal was to focus on my work despite everything that was happening outside.

I created new pieces using only the material that I had at hand. It was the perfect time to rethink some projects and to spend quality time reading. Beyond affecting my artistic process, the forced pause that came with Covid-19 encouraged me to connect more with my art.


What's your selfcare routine for maintaining healthy skin?

My self-care routine is mainly focused on hydration. I use a facial cream every morning and a body cream, too. For me, It is key to drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and healthy.


As Pedro Torres told us in our conversation, “we change through the years as well as our perception of time”. Taking care of ourselves is a way of accepting time and loving ourselves at every stage.




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