how to oxygenate the scalp for perfect hair?

16 Jan, 2024



Have you ever heard of scalp suffocation? The hectic pace of daily life, environmental pollution, and various factors like diet, seasonal changes, and hormonal fluctuations can directly affect the condition of our hair, potentially leading to a "suffocated" scalp. The lack of oxygen in the scalp can weaken hair follicles, causing hair to become thin, brittle, and age prematurely. But don't worry! Keep reading to discover how to oxygenate the scalp for perfect hair?


what is scalp oxygenation, and what are the benefits?


Scalp oxygenation is an essential process for maintaining healthy, shiny, and beautiful hair. Essentially, it ensures that the scalp receives enough oxygen to promote hair growth and prevent damage. When the scalp is well-oxygenated, hair follicles can function at their maximum capacity, resulting in stronger and more resilient hair.


what factors affect cellular respiration?


Did you know that, from the age of 30, oxygen levels within our cells decrease by 30%? And from the age of 40, they can decrease by up to 50%? Besides natural aging, several factors can affect scalp and skin oxygenation:

• Stress

• Pollution

• UV rays and free radicals

• Lack of proper care

For example, pollution is a factor that consumes a lot of oxygen. Pollution causes capillaries to constrict, slowing down blood circulation and preventing oxygen from reaching the cells. 

Have you ever noticed that it's harder to exert yourself at high altitudes? This is because there's less oxygen at higher elevations. Oxygen's role in cells is to accept electrons, completing their energy production process.

If oxygen doesn't reach the skin effectively, the rate of new cell production decreases, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid synthesis slows, toxins are eliminated less efficiently, and skin regeneration is delayed. In the scalp, if hair follicle roots don't receive the necessary oxygen, hair strands won't develop correctly, and their growth cycle is disrupted.

Also, if skin cells aren't active, the active ingredients you apply can't effectively penetrate the deep dermis layers (where the hair bulb is located), staying on the skin's surface.

Additionally, stress and pollution activate the sebaceous and sweat glands, leading to more skin toxicity. This means both oxygen and nutrients can't reach the follicle or deeper dermal layers.

In the end, you're left with skin imperfections, spots, wrinkles, lack of vitality, and no shine. Hair follicles can't create high-quality hair, which becomes prone to damage from environmental factors, chemical treatments, and heat. This results in breakage, split ends, and increased hair loss since the hair lacks quality from its inception.


how to oxygenate the scalp for perfect hair?


The secret to healthy and stress-free hair is promoting optimal cellular respiration. How can you achieve this? In our new Black Baccara collection, we've introduced the Encapsulated Cellular Breathing Complex.

It's an ingredient that activates cellular respiration:


1. Increases oxygen consumption by cells, making them work more actively

2. Enhances cell receptiveness, allowing them to absorb more active ingredients

3. Active ingredients can work more effectively, reaching the deepest dermal layers where hair follicles are located

It also helps reduce the presence of free radicals, has high antioxidant capacity, helps to reduce scalp discomfort, and boosts cell regeneration.


where can you find this ingredient to oxygenate the scalp?


We've introduced the Cellular Breathing Complex in two of our new treasures from the Black Baccara collection. They're essential as an oxygenating scalp treatment and for addressing your concerns.


Cellular Breathing Hair Multiplying Scrub Scalp Mask: This exfoliating mask multiplies scalp oxygenation, releasing the follicle for optimal nutrient receptivity. This ensures follicle regeneration, anchoring, and hair structure reconstruction, acting as the best scalp treatment for hair growth.


Cellular Breathing Hair Multiplying Intensive Shampoo: This intensive shampoo promotes scalp oxygenation and optimal cellular respiration, acting against stress and the harmful effects of pollution.


You can find these products in the Black Baccara Scalp De-Stress & Oxygenation Ritual. Together with our Hair Multiplying Mask and Hair Repairing & Multiplying Serum, it acts at a cellular level to revitalize weakened and aging hair and scalps, combating the city's effects. It repairs fiber bonds to reverse damage, hydrates, strengthens, and leaves your hair soft and silky.


and the rest of your skin? how to oxygenate it?



The rest of your skin also suffers from oxygen deficiency. That's why we've included ingredients in our skincare products, such as: 

• Oxygenating Delivery System: which delivers oxygen directly to the skin, visibly revitalizing it, leaving it smooth, soothed, and hydrated, and combating the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress

• Tissue Respiratory Factor: it increases cellular oxygenation, protects cells from free radical-induced damage, and enhances the skin's productive capacity.

• Active Oxygen: it lightens dark spots, reduces darkening in highly pigmented areas, provides anti-acne effects, and reduces the presence of inflamed pimples.

If your skin needs an extra dose of cellular respiration, you can find these ingredients in our Glacial White Caviar Oxygen Masque, Precious Cleansing Foam, and Black Baccara Dynamic Energizing Booster.


In conclusion, the oxygenation of the scalp and the rest of the skin is essential to maintain healthy, beautiful hair and skin full of vitality and strength despite the current busy lifestyle. Don't wait any longer to give your hair and skin the oxygenating treatment they deserve!

  • New
Cellular Breathing Hair... Cellular Breathing Hair...

BLACK BACCARA Cellular Breathing Hair Multiplying Intensive Shampoo

Ultra-intensive densifying vegan shampoo that strengthens and rejuvenates

€41.32 · 200 mL
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Cellular Breathing Hair... Cellular Breathing Hair...

BLACK BACCARA Cellular Breathing Hair Multiplying Scrub Scalp Mask

Detoxifying hair scrub with Pink Clay that promotes healthy hair growth

€74.38 · 200 mL

GLACIAL WHITE CAVIAR Precious Cleansing Foam

The most delicate yet effective cleansing that also rejuvenate and protect the skin

€49.59 · 150 mL


Rejuvenating face mask to oxygenate the cells and revitalize skin

€78.51 · 100 mL
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Scalp De-stress &... Scalp De-stress &...

BLACK BACCARA Scalp De-stress & Oxygenation Ritual

The definitive ritual to reduce hair stress and oxygenate hair from root to tip


BLACK BACCARA Dynamic Energizing Booster

Provide your skin with her dose of vitamins

€66.12 · 30 mL

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