hair and skin care in spring

17 Apr, 2024


The transition from winter to spring appears in the form of physical and mental fatigue and is not unfamiliar to our hair and our skin. We want you to shine all year round, so we have selected Miriam's best tricks for hair and skin care in spring. Repair the damage from winter and prepare your skin and hair for summer to have them much healthier and more radiant.

In this time of year, the hair, follicles, and scalp suffer, weaken, and eventually lead to the well-known spring hair loss in spring. With temperature changes, hair follicles enter a resting phase, the hair looks more dull, without shine... The skin also loses vitality, hydration, and appears weakened after winter. That is why spring is the ideal time to manage everything that has happened in the coldest season of the year, repair the damage it has caused, and prepare ourselves so that our skin and hair do not suffer from the summer heat.

prepare your skin like an expert

During winter, most of your skin remains hidden under clothing, protected from the cold, the sun, and pollution. That's why it's so important to take good care of it before spring, so that it's not only beautiful but also properly hydrated and strong enough to withstand the impact of the first rays of sun. You just need to include in your beauty routine the 4 steps we propose. But pay attention to how and when to introduce each one.


Did you know that in spring the oxygen in our skin decreases? This results in dull skin and causes the appearance of premature aging signs, wrinkles, uneven tone, imperfections...

To prevent this, Miriam suggests using first Precious Cleansing Foam, the facial cleansing foam from the Glacial White Caviar line, with which you will remove all impurities and makeup residues while oxygenating your skin, leaving it radiant. It contains an Oxygenating Delivery System, Tissue Respiration Factor, and Moringa Peptide, which is an anti-pollution ingredient as pollution consumes a lot of oxygen from the skin.

Next, it would be the turn of our Oxygen Mask, a mask with oxygenating technology, Retinol Ester, and Cell-Detox Booster, with which you will deeply detoxify and prepare your skin for the next hydration steps.

If what you need is a breath of fresh air and to hydrate your skin well, you can do it with the serum Dynamic Energizing Booster from the Black Baccara line. With Active Oxygen and 5% Niacinamide B3, you will protect the skin against pollution and imperfections.


Now that our skin can breathe, we also need to exfoliate and regenerate to remove dead cell layers and activate new cells and natural collagen. Our modern lifestyle and the high temperatures from heating systems dull the skin tone and its luminosity, which is why we recommend using once a week our exfoliating serum Dynamic Weekend Peel Booster. One of our favorite products to regenerate the skin from within the cells. It contains AHAs, Fractionated Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol...

Miriam also loves A-Helix Advanced Renewal Primer Lotion. It's a tonic, but it can also be used as a liquid peel. It contains 6% Gluconolactone, Dragon's Blood, and 15% Biological Protein Plasma.


We cannot let our guard down with hydration. In winter, we usually have rituals with richer hydration, but you can change your spring and summer routine by switching your moisturizing formula to a lighter one. Black Baccara Moisturizing Bio-Adaptive Soft Cream is perfect to avoid dry skin in spring and to prevent it from losing water due to the return of sun and heat. And Black Baccara Dynamic Youth Booster is one of the top products for skin hydration, as it contains highly concentrated Fractionated Hyaluronic Acid, which can retain up to 1000 times its weight in water. It also has thousands of different molecular weights that mimic human hyaluronic acid and can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, not just hydrating superficially.


We must not forget that in spring it's not just about leaving winter behind, but also about preparing the skin for summer. As a final step, it is vital to complete the spring routine with an extra dose of vitamins to promote good cellular function and to strengthen the skin against excess free radicals.

The key product that will allow you to restore life and natural shine to the skin is Dynamic Protection Booster, a powerful vitamin and antioxidant complex. It contains a high concentration of Bioactive Vitamin C, which acts as a protective barrier against internal and external aging causes. It also contains Cromanol, a compound similar to Vitamin E that protects the skin from oxidative damage, UV radiation damage, and pollution, increases firmness, and delays cellular aging. And Bakuchiol, the completely natural alternative to retinol, important for combating redness, reducing wrinkles, marks, spots... ideal for use in spring and summer.

don't forget about the scalp

Do you want to know how to take care of your skin and hair in spring? These two parts go hand in hand because our scalp is part of the skin of our body and we cannot forget it to have a spectacular mane.


Do not worry, the usual (in controlled quantity) and the seasonal hair loss are common due to the natural cycle of hair. Although each person has their own renewal rhythm, the first step to having healthy hair and scalp is to oxygenate it regularly after winter. You can do it with our Extreme Caviar Exfoliating Scrub Scalp Mask or with two of our latest treasures: Black Baccara Cellular Breathing Hair Multiplying Scrub Scalp Mask and Cellular Breathing Hair Multiplying Intensive Shampoo.


Did you know that the cold dries, weakens, and removes the hydro-lipid barrier of the hair and scalp? That's why, if you haven't hydrated it during winter, it's very important to do it now. Combine a specific shampoo for your needs (whether it's for dandruff, grease, lack of volume, or maintaining your blonde in perfect condition) with our masks and conditioners.


Melatonin production decreases in spring because there are more hours of sunlight. It is the hormone that is activated at night and makes us sleep. It is also related to hair growth. Biological clocks change, and if they are not balanced, they can generate changes in the growth cycle, weaken the scalp and hair, and therefore, end up causing hair loss in spring. To avoid this, it is time to give a boost, or a vitamin cocktail, to your hair. Choose one of our Bio-Regenerative Shock Treatment or Black Baccara Hair Multiplying Scalp Concentrate + Pre-treatment Exfoliator. This will restore vitality, strength, and shine to your hair.

Before summer begins, use Black Baccara Bond Rejuvenating Luxe Cure. It will help strengthen your hair for everything it will have to endure in summer.

On the other hand, Hydra-pure Rejuvenating Mist will rebalance the microbiome and soothe any possible inflammation on your scalp to prevent bacteria and possible hair loss.


We often forget that when it comes to preventing premature aging, it is as important to protect the skin as it is the hair from UVA/UVB rays. Sun exposure without protection can activate inflammatory processes that can cause anything from irritation to premature hair loss.

Platinum & Diamonds Luxorious Drops, Sublime Gold Ultra Brilliant Mist, or Black Baccara Hair Texturizing Wave Mist are perfect for all hair types thanks to their sun filter and high content of antioxidants and vitamins.

are you ready to start your new routine for hair and skin care in spring?

Above all, if you enjoy sunbathing and going to the beach, it is important that you take note of all our tips to prepare your skin and hair in spring. So that in summer, when you expose yourself to the sun's rays, your hair and skin are strong and capable of withstanding those external factors that can prematurely age them.

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Hair & Scalp Vitamin... Hair & Scalp Vitamin...

EXTREME CAVIAR Hair & Scalp Vitamin Infusion Ritual

Ritual supercharged with vitamins to strengthen and revitalize hair and scalp

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Scalp De-stress &... Scalp De-stress &...

BLACK BACCARA Scalp De-stress & Oxygenation Ritual

The definitive ritual to reduce hair stress and oxygenate hair from root to tip



Rejuvenating face mask to oxygenate the cells and revitalize skin

€78.51 · 100 mL

BLACK BACCARA Dynamic Weekend Peel Booster

Exfoliating overnight serum for glowing skin in the morning

€66.12 · 30 mL

BLACK BACCARA Dynamic Energizing Booster

Provide your skin with her dose of vitamins

€66.12 · 30 mL

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