Our Newest 100% Vegan Haircare Collection

Posted on: 01/27/2020 14:16:21
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Your New Ally in Fighting Weak, Damaged and Thinning Hair - The Miriam Quevedo Black Baccara Haircare Collection

Ever dream of having long, lustrous locks but can’t seem to get your hair to grow beyond a certain point? We feel your pain. Or perhaps you’ve noticed your hair has been falling out more than usual lately or it just seems dull and damaged. Believe it or not, these issues are often a direct result of our lifestyle. Yes, we all want strong, healthy, manageable hair but what we don’t realize is that the effects of our modern lifestyle can wreak havoc on the hair follicle and offset the hair growth cycle. This can cause hair to be weak, thin and lifeless, even resulting in hair loss.

Enter Black Baccara Haircare, our newest collection dedicated to protect both hair and scalp against your lifestyle and environmental aggressors. Any irregularities in your biorhythm caused by stress, pollution, diet, bad habits or other negative influences can cause premature aging of both the hair follicle and shaft. 

This 100% Vegan collection brings together the best of nature and science to not only offset biorhythm irregularities but also to stimulate growth, repair damage and protect against aggressors to help anyone achieve the strong, healthy, manageable hair of their dreams.

Not only does Black Baccara give love to your hair, it also loves the environment. It’s made with I’m GreenTM packaging so you can do your part in being green!

The Ingredients

At the core of this collection is the Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate. With its cutting-edge formulation designed to defend cells from cycle variations, it keeps hair growing healthy and prevents premature aging of both the hair follicle and shaft. The products also include Fresh Rose Stem Cells, extracted through biotechnology from the Alpine Rose. This highly resistant shrub contains special epigenetic factors and metabolites that preserve follicle’s stem cells’function, promoting growth.

Hair Growth Factors act at the heart of the hair follicle, targeting multiple growth regulators to prevent and stop hair loss, keeping hair anchored to the scalp while also stimulating growth. The Multi-bond Filler strengthens hair from inside the fiber by penetrating deep into the cortex to create new hydrogen and ionic bonds. This provides improved strengthening by up to 3X that of untreated hair and improved manageability back to hair that has been damaged by chemical, thermal, environmental and mechanical aging. It restores hair fiber strength and elasticity back to levels of virgin hair.

The Black Baccara Ritual

To clean your hair, use the Hair Multiplying Shampoo. It won’t just rid your locks of impurities, but also actively fight against hair thinning by supercharging the growth cycle. It will also treat existing hairs to keep them anchored to the scalp while repairing and creating new bonds to reverse damage and restore hair to a virgin state.

Keep up the good work by following the cleansing with the Hair Multiplying Mask. It intensely moisturizes, nourishes and revitalizes the hair and scalp, with benefits that are threefold: it prevents hair growth disturbances, repairs broken bonds, and protects your locks from free radicles and the effects of pollution.

For continuous conditioning and repair, on damp or dry hair, use the Hair Repairing & Multiplying Serum. The immediate results don’t just make your hair look radiant, but it provides strength and shine while protecting and reducing damage from harsh salon processes or heat styling.

Every now and then our hair needs a little extra pampering, for this we recommend using the Rejuvenating Bond Luxe Cure with 24K Gold once a month. This powerful 2 phase treatmentworks as a shock treatment, filling and repairing broken bonds and linkages to repair damage and imperfections in each individual strand, improving strength and elasticity by up to 18%.   

To really give hair growth an added boost use the Pre-treatment Exfoliator+Hair Multiplying Scalp Concentrate.This magic duo gets to work while you sleep to detoxify and renew your scalp, then infusing it with hair growth boosting ingredients.  

Remember to support your fight against hair thinning with routines that benefit your overall wellness and beauty: healthy eating, good and sufficient rest, plenty of hydration and, of course, a heart full of love.


Discover the Miriam Quevedo Black Baccara collection - your new ally in fighting weak, damaged and thinning hair.


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