Summer hair care tips

27 Jun, 2023



Whether you’re out and about at the pool, beach or city, you must bear in mind that during summer your hair and scalp is exposed to high temperatures, humidity, UVA rays, sea salt and pool chlorine. Therefore, we are going to reveal all our secrets so that you can discover all our summer hair care tips and prevent premature aging.  


What happens to your hair in the summer? 


With the arrival of good weather and the rise in temperatures, the necessities of both hair and scalp change. Furthermore, seasonal changes cause variations in its growth cycle and it’s important to take preventive measures to keep it strong, hydrated and shiny and prevent hair loss in summer or autumn. Do you know the challenges and aging factors that our mane faces during this time of year? 


- High temperatures: Heat helps hair grow faster because it dilates the roots, allowing a greater amount of nutrients to enter the follicle. However, did you know that 30 minutes of exposure to heat three times a week is enough to alter various functions of the skin and scalp? The sun’s heat reduces the levels of antioxidants, dehydrates and alters the skin’s protective layer, making it sensitive. It can also damage the cuticle, leaving hair lifeless and rough...  


- Solar radiation: The sun’s rays evaporate the water from the hair and strips it of its natural oils, making it dehydrated, fragile, dry, porous, brittle and lifeless. It can also degrade its protective keratin and even provoke decoloration. At the level of the scalp, UV rays activate the skin’s inflammatory process, thus affecting the follicle and triggering hair loss in summer and, especially, in autumn, as well as its thinning.  


- Free radicals: Solar radiation induces the formation of highly reactive oxygen molecules that alter our cells’ membranes and DNA, attack the scalp and hair and modify proteins, nucleic acids and lipids. This leads to impaired cellular functioning: gray hair appears, hair thins and becomes more fragile, grows more slowly, becomes porous and matte. 


- Sea salt: Thanks to its concentration of minerals, sea salt has different benefits for the scalp. Yet, its alkaline pH is higher than our hair’s and this causes our tresses to dry out, become dehydrated and more porous. This also affects the internal bonds that link keratin together and makes the hair weak and more fragile.  


- Chlorine: Metals and chemicals in chlorinated swimming pools attack the hair’s hydrolipidic layer, stripping its natural protective oils. Our mane needs part of its natural fat (protective oils) to maintain its softness and healthiness, but chlorine causes brittleness, roughness, dryness and damage. Likewise, it can spark chemical reactions in the hair and affect its color. 


How to care for your hair in summer? 


It is super important, both before and during summer, to strengthen, repair and protect hair to prevent aging and hair loss. That is why I share with you the ultimate summer ritual with the essentials to prepare and care for your hair in summer, including the 4 indispensable basic areas of hair care: 


1. Specific scalp care: exfoliation 


Just like periodically trimming the ends of our hair, exfoliating the scalp is an absolute must-do when it comes to having healthy and shiny hair. Miriam recommends a weekly (at least!) exfoliation to eliminate the accumulation of products, salt or chlorine, excess sebum, impurities... that can clog the follicles. Extreme Caviar Exfoliating Scrub Scalp Mask is ideal to leave the scalp fresh, comforted and to boost its regeneration.  



2. Cleanse and liberate: detoxify and nourish 


It is highly recommended to perform a double shampooing to leave the hair squeaky clean, especially in summer.  

To detoxify and purify the hair and eliminate excess sebum, calm sensitivity, prevent flaking of the scalp and regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, Extreme Caviar Purifying Charcoal Shampoo is the best option. In addition, take advantage of the heat to detoxify, because it opens the pores, helps to unblock them, improves blood circulation... 

It is also necessary to nourish your mane after what it suffers this season! Combine it with Sublime Gold Luminous Shampoo for in-depth nourishment without weighing your hair down and aiding its regeneration while adding luminosity.  



3. Hydrate and nourish: regenerate, calm and repair 


First, you must opt for a conditioner that helps regenerate your hair, improves its manageability, softness, elasticity and protects it from external aggressions, such as Sublime Gold Luminous Conditioner. On the other hand, to finish off with in-depth hydration and reparation, as well as to calm inflammaging of the scalp, you can choose a mask that helps to rebalance the microflora and combat discomfort, such as Glacial White Caviar Hydra-Pure Rescue Masque.  



4. Protect and sublimate: strengthen and protect 


For extreme reparation, to strengthen hair and reattach broken bonds, choose our Black Baccara Hair Serum. Last of all, because it is so important to protect your hair from UV rays, you must use products with sunscreen. Choose a mist like Sublime Gold Ultra-Brilliant Mist to create a protective shield and leave hair ultra-luminous and silky. Another option is Black Baccara Hair Texturizing Wave Mist, perfect for creating beach waves while treating and rejuvenating hair.  



Extra summer hair care tips:


- Avoid blow-drying your hair. Remove excess water by gently patting your tresses with a microfiber towel (ideally a turban) and letting them dry naturally.  

- Does hair shed more in summer? You can apply Glacial White Caviar Hydra-Pure Rejuvenating Mist to the scalp to prevent inflammaging, as it accelerates hair loss.  

- Rinse your hair each time you get out of the pool or leave the beach, to remove salt and chlorine residues that can adhere to your hair... and to decrease dehydration.  

- No matter how long you are away from home, or how far away you go, always carry your essentials in our signature travel pouch thanks to the exclusive Summer Getaway Hair & Scalp. If you are faithful to your hair routine, you will minimize its changes and keep it cared for and healthy.  



The right products and caretaking are key so that you can boast of healthy, shiny and beautiful hair from start to finish this summer. Don’t forget:

Disconnect this vacation, but not from your hair! 




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