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Posted on: 07/31/2020 11:38:08
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How to make the most of summer even when you can't travel anywhere


2020 has been all about reassessing and changing plans. Most of us save our travel plans for summer but this year it's all a bit different. While some still venture somewhere close to home for a few days of winding down, there are plenty of us looking for how to achieve that holiday feeling - and that holiday look - at home.

If you're staying put this summer, we've got some tips and the perfect collection for you to give that summer holiday glow to your skin and hair.


How to prepare for a staycation

Even if you're not going anywhere, to really make the most of a stay-at-home holiday we recommend you treat it as if it were the real deal.

First of all, create the mental space and the physical environment to distance from work and focus on relaxation. Put away everything that might tempt you to check up on tasks and projects. Set up an auto-responder for your email, hide away your agenda and your to-do list.

Stock up on magazines and books and put them in sight and at close reach around your house. Holidays are great for decompression and reflection, so if you haven't already, consider starting a journal.

Stock up on fresh fruit and veggies for refreshing meals and snack. Make a list of favorite places to order food from and even one for new places in town that you've been meaning to try - after all, holidays are also about discovering new things!


Staycation beauty rituals

The beauty of a staycation is that you don't have to optimize packing for your beauty products as you won't need to haul them anywhere.

So, this could be the best time to try new products or simply leave that face or hair mask on for as long as you should, instead of rushing through a routine of essentials.

Make sure you're stocked on products with SPF, even if you just have a tiny balcony to fill in for a beach. Hydrating products are also important as the heat can dry up skin and hair more than usual.


The perfect staycation beauty collection

When Miriam created the Glacial White Caviar Resort collection she wanted to make the summer holiday feeling available year-round. It's got products with SPF, packed with nourishing and hydrating active ingredients, and the perfect summery scents - citrus, blackcurrant, jasmin and violet.

The Glacial White Caviar Resort collection includes:

The Cleansing Balm - an ultra-lavish cleansing balm that delicately removes residue and impurities. Its formula rich in precious oils and botanical extracts, fused with revolutionary biotechnology, it deeply penetrates the hair to repair its lipid layer and fight against free radical damage.

The Leave-In Conditioner - lazy at the time of applying, but hard working when it comes to detangling, calming frizz, and locking in moisture for unprecedented hydration and anti-aging benefits. You'll love its lingering summery scent too!

The Beach Waves - formulated with Sea Foam, to add volume and plump your tresses for a sultry after beach look. It's about more than getting the look though! Its ultra-lightweight formula is fortified with precious oils and a cocktail of potent antioxidants, proteins, peptides and amino acids.

The Dry Oil for Hair and Body SPF 30 - defending against harmful UVA/UVB rays and free radicals, all while helping you achieve that holiday glow. All because it nourishes and hydrates both your hair and skin with potent active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid fraction, Vitamin E, Panthenol, and, of course, our signature White Caviar Extract. (Not available in the US)

Could these be THE perfect products to bring a real holiday feeling into your staycation? We think so!


If you'll be trying them out this summer, DM or tag us in your stories on Instagram - we'd love to see how you're incorporating your Miriam Quevedo favorites in your staycation plans!


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