Ingredients that Make you Bloom

28 May, 2020


Botanical Extracts - Miriam Quevedo’s Ingredients that Make you Bloom

Botanical extracts have been the basis of beauty rituals ever since the practice was first invented. More than that, plants have been the primary medicine throughout human history. Our bodies have evolved in synergy with nature and we are probably still scratching the surface of the true potential of botanical extracts for our beauty, health, and wellbeing.

Miriam’s path to her own brand started in her mother’s apothecary, learning about plants and how to best harness their superpowers. She’s spoken often about how that was the most formative experience for further developing her career and the Miriam Quevedo brand. This beautiful heritage and the incredible efficiency of botanical extracts are the reasons behind why they play such a central role in our formulations.

As nature is coming into full bloom while spring slowly drifts into summer, we wanted to shine the spotlight on some of the botanical ingredients we use to make your natural bloom. Discover these potent extracts and their action in some of our most popular hair and skincare products.


An exclusive bioadaptive botanical extract - Black Baccara Rose

As powerful as it’s delicate, the Black Baccara Rose is referred to as the most unique, luxurious and beautiful rose that exists, not only for its mesmerizing deep red, almost black color, but due to its richness in anthocyanins (flavonoids) – no other rose contains a higher content of cyanidin. Its superpower is that is rich in antioxidants and free radical scavenging abilities in order to protect against damage by oxidation, making it ideal for cellular protection against external agents. Its extract is considered key for cell protection, given its rich composition in not only anthocyanins, especially cyanidin, but also, tannins, amino acids, molecules of high antioxidant properties, for powerful anti-aging action.

We combine the Black Baccara Rose with our Rare Polar Rose and Bio-Adaptive Re-synchronizer to make up our Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate found in the Black Baccara Skincare Collection. This powerful concnetreate adapts and adjusts precisely to your skin’s needs. It’s like having your own skincare expert always ready with a tailor-made treatment. What’s more, the concentrate works down to the cellular level, regulating the clock on cell life cycles. Aging and renewal is normal for all the cells in our body. But oxidation causes them to age faster and prevents new cells from developing. The Black Baccara Rose extract protects against oxidation, whether it’s caused by external factors (like pollution) or internal ones (like stress). The result is stimulated cell growth that reduces existing signs of aging, prevents new ones from appearing, and leaves your skin perfected and looking radiant.

The powerful action of the Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate makes it the perfect core ingredient for our booster - concentrated formulations that can power charge your skincare routine, no matter your age or skin type.

The Black Baccara Dynamic Protection Booster is perfect for those exposed to daily aggresors helping them prevent signs of aging from appearing. The Retinol-like Bakuchiol and Bioactive Vitamin C in its formula also make it great for addressing acne, imperfections and blemishes.

For mature skins, the Black Baccara Dynamic Youth Booster is a true anti-age miracle-worker! The power of the Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate has to turn back the clock on cell aging is enhanced with ingredients like Fractioned Hyaluronic Acid and Tri-molecular Marine Collagen to improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles.

For a shock-treatment that delivers a concentrated dose of Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate in a formula with exfoliating properties, try the Black Baccara Rose Weekend Peel Booster - whatever your skin type. It’s packed with gentle AHAs, Fractioned Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acid Betaine that create a “radiant skin effect”.


A botanical extract with anti-inflammatory properties - Elderberry Flower

With is delicate white petals you might be tempted to dismiss the Elderberry Flower as just a pretty blossom. But it’s much more than that! This pretty blossom stores great promise for your skin. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and its rich flavonoids content, make it an excellent ingredient for products formulated for sensitive or irritated skin.

We distill it into Organic Elderberry Flower Water to incorporate it in the lightweight formulas of our A-Helix Advanced Renewal Skincare Collection. This collection has a powerful repairing activity, whether you’re dealing with acne, redness, or other imperfections.

Cleansing is key to addressing all kinds of imperfections, but without falling in the trap of using harsh ingredients that strip the skin’s natural barrier and further cause irritation. Try the A-Helix Advanced Renewal Cleansing Ritual for a daily cleansing experience that leaves your skin free of impurities while delivering the calming action of Organic Elderberry Flower.

Start with the A-Helix Advanced Renewal Cleansing Gel, a fluid texture with mild exfoliating action for a purified and luminous skin. Massage with circular motions on your face, neck, and neckline. Rinse off with plenty of water before balancing the skin with the A-Helix Advanced Renewal Primer Lotion. The Gluconolactone in its formulation will further stimulate gentle exfoliation, while the Organic Elderberry Flower Water will calm and tone your skin.


A botanical extract using the latest in biotechnology for haircare - Fresh Rose Stem Cells

Extracted from the highly resistant Alpine Rose Shrub, the Fresh Rose Stem Cells share the podium with the Black Baccara Rose in our Black Baccara Haircare Collection. This line was created to address issues that lead to hair falling and thinning and counts on this powerhouse botanical ingredient to support healthy growth and volume for your mane. By acting on the follicle, the Fresh Rose Stem Cells regenerate and preserve the hair’s own stem cells, protecting against internal and external aggressors that can affect the hair’s lifecycle.

Reap all the benefits of Fresh Rose Stem Cells with this haircare ritual:

1. Start by washing your hair with the Black Baccara Hair Multiplying Shampoo and massage it into your scalp to help it penetrate the skin and deliver its regenerating action on the hair follicles.

2. Follow with the Black Baccara Hair Multiplying Mask - a true miracle worker that acts on the hair as well as the follicles. The Fresh Rose Stem Cells supercharge new growth while the Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate helps preserve the hair’s growth cycle.

3. Power-charge the routine with a serum that works at the molecular level to repair broken bonds reversing hair fiber damage back to virgin hair. The Black Baccara Hair Repairing & Multiplying Serum acts to repair along the length of the hair shaft, leaving damaged, weak and brittle hair immediately improved, hydrated and manageable.


These are just a few of the botanical extracts that we use to harness the power of nature in our products. In our lab we are constantly exploring new ingredients and new formulas, as we know nature still has a lot to offer. We’re grateful to nature for being not just a standard for beauty, but also a source for us all to attain it. utiliza cookies propias con fines analíticas y de personalización de la experiencia de nuestros visitantes. Nos permiten comprender cómo nuestros clientes usan el sitio y que contenido les interesa para mejorarlo de manera continua.

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