How To Join The Clean Beauty Movement?

Posted on: 01/17/2020 14:48:05
Category: Seasonal Care

Conscious consumerism is on the rise and the clean beauty movement, which embraces transparent and sustainable practices, continues to grow. Miriam Quevedo is proud to be a clean beauty brand, offering a range of cruelty-free products formulated with luxurious, natural and organic ingredients and without toxins, such as mineral oil.

The clean beauty movement was born in response to a lack of regulation of the cosmetics industry in the USA. It is led by brands committed to being more organic, transparent and sustainable. For Miriam Quevedo, the clean beauty movement is about prioritizing wellbeing and taking care of our planet, while delivering the highest quality.

Miriam Quevedo incorporates the clean beauty philosophy into every one of its decisions: we are constantly reviewing our company practices to ensure that they evolve and become more sustainable and transparent. To help you learn more about how to embrace a clean beauty regime, make sustainable decisions, and be a conscious consumer, here Miriam Quevedo details what to look out for and which toxins to avoid, and how to make sustainable choices when heading to the checkout.

Choose sustainability and recycle your containers!

The clean beauty movement is about reducing your impact on the environment, which is why Miriam Quevedo is committed to recycling and eliminating plastic. We are working to reduce the amount of plastic that we use, and then making sure what we do use comes for either recycled or sustainable sources. By spring 2020, we plan to replace our current plastic by using 100% recycled plastic and I'm GreenTM Polyethylene, a plastic produced from sugarcane. Unlike traditional polyethylene, which comes from fossil fuels, I'm GreenTM Polyethylene is made from a renewable resource and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is also 100% recyclable. 

Additionally, all of the toiletries Miriam Quevedo supplies to hotel partners will be 100% plastic-free. We urge you to recycle all of your cosmetics containers after use; reducing plastic-waste is crucial for protecting wildlife and ecosystems.

Go cruelty-free!

Clean beauty is about prioritizing wellbeing, and that includes animal welfare. Step by step, Miriam Quevedo is adapting and creating clean beauty products that are certified-vegan, meaning they won’t contain any animal-derived ingredients. All Miriam Quevedo cosmetics are cruelty-free, which means we do not test on or cause harm to any animals at any stage in the creation of Miriam Quevedo products.

Avoid harmful toxins, such as mineral oil!

The clean beauty movement is about ridding products of toxins, such as mineral oil. While research is still ongoing, there are numerous studies which suggest that many popular ingredients in cosmetics are harmful. All of Miriam Quevedo’s clean beauty products have been formulated without sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, and phthalates, ingredients which have been linked to various health concerns.

Mineral oil, which also goes by the name of “liquid petroleum”, “paraffin oil” and “white mineral oil,” is a popular moisturizing agent refined from petroleum. While “cosmetic grade” mineral oil is a more purified form, a 2011 study referred to mineral oil hydrocarbons as “the greatest contaminant of the human body”. Mineral oil can also clog your pores and increase the risk of acne and blackheads. With regards to the environment, the production of mineral oil contributes to the depletion of natural resources and it doesn’t biodegrade well.

Use natural and organic ingredients!

The clean beauty movement embraces natural, organic ingredients, as does Miriam Quevedo. Organic ingredients are full of nutrients and are less likely to irritate the skin while organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, making it better for the environment and more sustainable. At Miriam Quevedo we are committed to using ingredients that are not only safe for your hair and skin, but equally safe for the environment. You’ll never find harmful chemicals in our products which is why over 80% of our active ingredients are natural or organic.

Here are three of Miriam Quevedo’s favorite organic natural ingredients that you can find in our products.

Avoid sulfates!

Sulfates are chemical-based, detergent-like cleansing ingredients used by cosmetic companies to create that foaming lather we all know so well. Although they are effective at cleaning hair and skin, they can also cause irritation and dryness by stripping skin of its natural oils, increasing the risk of inflammation and other irritations. Additionally, sulfates are often made with environmentally harmful chemicals that pose a threat to the environment as much as they do your skin.

At Miriam Quevedo we focus on plant-based cleansers that are aligned with our commitment to using sustainably sourced ingredients that are safe for the environment as much as you skin.


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