Antioxidant Ingredients for Your Skin

06 Jul, 2020


Five Anti-Age Miracle Workers


Antioxidants are no longer a novelty in skincare. But lately they are receiving more and more attention. As biotechnology evolves, new forms of antioxidants with renewed potency are being discovered.

The search for new and improved antioxidants continues because they are among the most effective allies against aging. They don't just help with improving signs of aging. The more we learn about them the better we are at using them to prevent skin aging in the first place.

Below we're covering five of the most potent know antioxidants and how we've adapted them into our skincare formulas to reap the most of their benefits. Read through to learn how to choose the best combination of antioxidants for your skin's needs.


How do antioxidants work?

While there are many theories of aging being discussed and studied, the common denominator always seems to be oxidation. It's part of the cells’ natural activity and decay cycle. More often than not nowadays these cycles are disturbed by external factors. These include pollution and internal factors, like heightened stress, to name just two.

Whatever the cause, oxidation leads to the formation of free radicals that further disturb cell life cycles and renewal processes.

The super-powers of antioxidant ingredients are double. On the one hand, they reinstate a balance ensuring that cell oxidation follows natural cycles. This allows for enough time to eliminate toxins and keep cells functioning normally. The result is a diminishing of the signs of aging, as healthy new cells make their way to the surface of the skin.

Secondly, antioxidants boast free radical scavenging properties. This means that they are able to find and neutralize free radicals before they can wreak havoc. The skin is protected from the effects of oxidation and, by extension, aging. Fine lines, wrinkles or dark spots are prevented from appearing.


The most potent antioxidants

We have yet to discover a bottomless 'Fountain of Youth' but antioxidants are as close as we have ever been to one when it comes to skincare.

Our lab constantly experiments to find the best sources, forms and blends of antioxidants. Our goal is to deliver the most efficient aging prevention effects. Time and time again we return to five key antioxidant ingredients. They deliver some of the most efficient antioxidant action in addition to other benefits.

Vitamin C
Key Benefits: 
- Scavenges and neutralizes free radicals; 
- Inhibits melanin production, resulting in a brighter complexion;
- Stimulates collagen production, increasing skin elasticity;
- Inhibits UV- induced DNA damage.

How we use it: 
Through advanced technology, we deliver an extraordinarily-stable form of Vitamin C. In a very high, yet gentle concentration of up to 30%, it can penetrate deep into the skin for the most targeted and powerful treatment.

Discover all the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C and other highly concentrated anti-age powerhouse ingredients in the Black Baccara Dynamic 30% Vitamin C + 24 Gold Booster.

Retinol (Vitamin A)
Key Benefits: 
- ensures optimal cell communication
- leads to improved firmness and elasticity
- maintains the skin's barrier function and integrity to lock in moisture and hydration
- prevents and treats roughness, dryness, and wrinkles

How we use it: 
We use Bakuchiol, a retinol-like compound in high concentrations to reverse the skin's aging process while protecting it from further damage. We chose Bakuchiol because it’s much better tolerated by the skin than traditional Retinol, which can be irritating for those with more sensitive complexions.

Vitamin E
Key Benefits: 
- protects skin from oxidative damage by scavenging both ROS and RNS
- prevents DNA damage caused by UV radiation and pollution
- slows cellular aging
- maintains collagen and elastic connective tissue to maintain the skin's flexibility

How we use it: 
We integrate Vitamin E in the form of Chromanol, but also as part of the organic oils in our botanical blends.

Enjoy the benefits of both Retinol and Vitamin E by incorporating the Black Baccara Dynamic Protection Booster in your skincare routine.

Key Benefits:
- protects against pollution and digital aging, including UV and blue light
- erases dark spots and prevents new ones from forming
- stimulates collagen synthesis, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles
- clears up acne, controls shine, and refines pores

How we use it: 
Niacinamide at a 5% concentration is a key ingredient in our collections and products that focus on cell renewal. They address aging but also imperfections on skin at all ages.

You can reap the many benefits of Niacinamide with the Black Baccara Dynamic Energizing Booster.

Key Benefits:
- calm, relax, and tone the skin
- provide an anti-inflammatory action down to the deepest layers of the skin
- absorb UV light to protect against photo-ageing
- reduce the appearance of rosacea

How we use them: 
Flavonoids are abundant in one of our favorite ingredients: the Black Baccara Rose. This unique and luxurious bud packs in its mesmerizing deep red petals the highest concentration of cyanidin (a flavonoid) among roses.

Incorporate flavonoids into your daily skincare regimen by following cleansing with the Black Baccara Global Revitalizing Toner.

Black Baccara Dynamic 30% Vitamin C + 24K Gold Booster Black Baccara Dynamic 30% Vitamin C + 24K Gold Booster

BLACK BACCARA Dynamic 30% Vitamin C + 24k Gold Booster

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275,00$ · 30 mL

BLACK BACCARA Dynamic Protection Booster

Powerful shield against external aggressions

120,00$ · 30 mL

BLACK BACCARA Dynamic Energizing Booster

Provide your skin with her dose of vitamins

90,00$ · 30 mL

BLACK BACCARA Black Baccara Global Revitalizing Toner

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