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What it is: The ultimate multi-tasking thermal protection and hydration mist.

What it does: Ultra-lightweight formula enriched with Caviar Extract, Chestnut Phyto-Complex and Silk Biopolymer protects hair during heat-styling while it overlays and restructures hair’s surface, transforming it into stronger, healthier hair with extreme shine. Leaves hair nourished and revitalized with a silky-soft touch.

Who is it for: All hair types exposed to heat treatments.

What it’s free of: Formulated without Parabens, Mineral Oils, Phthalates, Paraffin or Petrolatum.


Ingredients : :
- : Chestnut Phyto-Complex
- : Silk Biopolymer
- : Cationic Type Softeners
- : Caviar
- : Paraben-free, Mineral-Oil free, Phthalatos -free , paraffin-free, petrolatum - free.
Benefits : :
- : Thermal protector that protects the hair cuticle from the moisture loss during the heat treatments.
- : It helps to retain water from the first application.
- : Protects hair surface from moisture loss, remaining it moisturized and healthier during the heat-styling processes (brushes, dried, curlings).
- : Hair moisturize increased up to 30% even when hair are heavily stressed with several cycles of hot iron treatment.
- : Restructures and gives softness to hair after drastic treatments (bleaching, dying, heat styling, etc.)
- : Light-weight mist that forms a multi-functional protective film with great affinity to proteins that allows to bind effectively to the keratin of hair.
- : It gives a soft touch, inner sheen and renewed strength.
-- : It provides nutrition and revitalizes hair.
Spray onto clean, damp hair prior to drying or, before using your hair straightener on dry hair, spray lightly onto each section as you style.

Caviar: Effective anti-aging action. One of the most selective and exclusive cosmetic ingredients, thanks to its lipoprotein complex. It protects the scalp and hair, and promotes restructuring. Excellent moisturizing and protective properties.

Chestnut Phyto-Complex: 100% organic Phyto-Complex (Castanea Sativa Fruits). Provides protection and repairing action. It nourishes and repairs aged hair effectively, including hair that has undergone several chemical treatments and long heat processes.

Silk Biopolymer: A biopolymer obtained from high quality silk by a biotechnological process. Repairing, softening and conditioning effects, promoting shine.

Cationic Type Softeners: Conditioning effect, facilitating wet hair combing.


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