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What it is: Ultra-light hydration. 

What it does: Deep moisturizer + cellular lipid refiller for maximum balance, radiance and age-defying action. 

Who it's for: For all skin types, especially those with: oily skin, people living in warm, humid climates. 

Clinical Studies: 

100% agree it provides comfortable skincare
92% agree it provides a feeling of intense moisturization
83% agree it makes skin incredibly soft
79% agree it provides skin with elasticity and flexibility
79% agree it makes skin incredibly smooth

*in vivo study of 24 volunteers, 3 weeks of regular use, twice daily (morning and night). 

Ingredients : :
- : Rare Black Baccara Bio-adaptive Concentrate
- : Sarraceno Orgánico (superalimento)
- : Aminoácido Betaína
- : Manteca de Karité
- : Aceite de Oliva
- : Aceite de Argán Orgánico
- : Aceite de Almendras Dulces
- : Pantenol
- : Alantoína
- : Aloe Vera Orgánica
- : Manteca de Camomila
Benefits : :
- : Incrementa el grado de elasticidad y flexibilidad de la piel
- : Reduce las líneas de expresión y arrugas
- : Ofrece una mayor hidratación para la piel y un aspecto radiante
- : Envuelve la piel en un velo de suavidad, restaurando la sensación de bienestar
- : Reduce los signos de fatiga y aporta luminosidad a la piel

Use daily, day and night. Always apply to clean and toned skin. Depending on your preference the Black Baccara Bio-adaptive Gel Cream can be applied in two ways: 

1. Pre-blended Application: 

Mix a small amount of the Black Baccara Bio-Adaptive Gel Cream with a few drops of your selected Black Baccara Dynamic Booster(s) in the palm of your hand. Mix well and spread the blend in an outward motion beginning from your forehead, nose and cheeks, working your way down to your chin, neck and décolleté until fully absorbed. 

2. Layered Application: 

Use the enclosed spatula to apply a small amount to cheeks, forehead and neck. Spread in an outward motion beginning from your forehead, nose and cheeks, working your way down to your chin, neck and décolleté until fully absorbed. 

Rare Black Baccara Bio-adaptive Concentrate: Creates an ideal micro-environment to protect against negative epigenetic factors (stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, etc.) that can lead to accelerated aging. Detects skin's exact needs and adapts to provide necessary protection against internal and external stressors. Regulates cellular “clock” that can be offset by our lifestyle ensuring cells function properly.

Organic Buckwheat Superfood: Rich in proteins, essential amino acids, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, key ingredient for skin brightening, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and revitalization.

Amino Acid Betaine: Derived from sugar beets. Hydrates, maintains water balance and protects against irritants.

Shea Butter: Hydrates and protects skin with an invisible barrier. Accelerates tissue growth, providing more flexible, functional skin with a restored barrier.

Olive Oil: Restores skin’s barrier function, provides protection and age prevention, smoothes dry and mature skin and refreshes sensitive skin.

Organic Argan Oil: Contains over 80% of unsaturated fatty acids and an abundant amount of vitamin E. High nutritional value for skin, inhibits free radicals, prevents itching, peeling and dehydration.

Sweet Almond Oil: Moisturizing, nutritional and protective properties. Helps improve cell regeneration, elasticity and softens skin.

Panthenol: Hydrates skin, increases cell renewal, removes and diminishes imperfections, and provides anti-inflammatory properties. Increases skin´s elasticity and smoothness.

Allantoin: Increases cellular renewal and delivers high moisturizing, calming and soothing properties. Restores skin's surface, diminishes imperfections.

Organic Aloe Vera: Protects skin from daily aggression, hydrates and prevents dehydration.

Chamomile Butter: Anti-inflammatory and repairing properties. Calms reactive skin and improves texture.


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