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What it is:  Protective mist for both hair and body to defend against harmful UVA/UVB rays and free radicals. Instant barrier function locks in moisture while shielding against photo-aging and irreversible DNA damage.

What it does: Potent cocktail of antioxidants, proteins, peptides and amino acids repairs hair and skin already compromised and protects against future damage. Infused with lipids to restore elasticity and softness for instantly vibrant, shiny hair and velvety soft skin.

Who it’s for:  All hair and skin types. Especially for those exposed to extreme environmental conditions and/or overexposed to the elements. Suitable for keratin and color-treated hair.

What it’s free of: Formulated without Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oils, Phthalates, Paraffin, or Petrolatum.

Ingredients : :
- : Blend of Precious Oils (White Caviar Oil, Camellia Oil and Organic Baobab Oil)
- : Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water
- : Ceramide Fusion
- : DNA Defense
- : UVA and UVB Sun Filters
Benefits : :
- : Multi-protection against UVA/UVB rays and free radicals.
- : Shields against photo-aging and the damaging effects of the elements (sun, wind, salt and chlorinated water).
- : Ultra-rich lipids fused with advanced biotechnology instantly deliver potent antioxidants, proteins, peptides and amino acids to repair and protect against future damage.
- : Prevents skin cell damage, DNA damage and skin structure damage, while instant barrier function shields against future damage.
- : Restores elasticity and softness for instantly vibrant hair and velvety soft skin.
Shake well before use. Apply at least 30 minutes before sun exposure to hair and body. Spray at a minimum of 15 cm away. Do not use on broken skin. Do not spray directly on face. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately. Reapply every 2 hours or after sweating, swimming or towel drying.
White Caviar Oil: Precious Oil. One of nature’s best kept cosmetic secrets due to its richness in amino acids, proteins, essential fatty acids, trace elements and peptides. Creates a unique anti-aging lipo-protein complex, with powerful repairing, regenerative and protective properties.

Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water: Allows active ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin, increases cell's resilience and survival at high temperatures. Protects from thermal aging and replenishes and maintains pure and continuous hydration.

Camellia Oil: Rich in vitamins A, B, E, D and trace elements. High antioxidant activity helps restore elasticity and softness.

Organic Baobab Oil:
 High antioxidant activity. Contains strong regenerating, soothing, conditioning, repairing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ceramide Fusion:
 Creates protective barrier around hair to hold in moisture, reduces water loss and damage. Provides elasticity, smoothness and strength.

DNA Defense:
 A powerful protector of biomolecules and cellular functions against reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS). Facilitates the internal protection of DNA to prevent damage caused by UVA radiation and toxic pollutants at the genetic level.

UVA and UVB Sun Filters:
 High sun protection. Form an invisible film on hair and skin to protect against the sun's harmful rays.


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