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What it is: A delicate thermal mist of extreme purity and delight that wraps the skin a mild hydrating and protective veil for an incomparably soothed, fresh and reborn skin. It is formulated with Thermal Water and Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water for a continuous hydration that joins forces with a combination of powerful active ingredients helping to restore the skin moisture barrier and metabolism. The skin is thinner with a unified tone. Provides 24h of ultra-hydration detoxifies in depth and powers the tolerance and protection against external aggression.

What it does: Its formulation of anti-radical action counteracts the environmental aggressions. It has soothing and moisturizing properties thanks to the exquisite blend of pure oils and hyaluronic acid. Enriched with a balancing and protective lipo-amino acid it promotes the detoxifying process and the skin regains its luminosity from the deepest layers.

Who it´s for: For all skin types including dry, sensitive, dehydrated, aged or sensitized.

Ingredients : :
- : White Caviar Oil
- : Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water
- : Thermal Water
- : Cell-Detox Booster
- : Desensitizing Hexapeptide
- : Hyaluronic Acid Fraction
- : Organic Baobab Oil
- : Organic Botanical Extracts (Edelweiss Flower and Cotton).
- : Glicerine
Benefits : :
- : - High pro-tolerance and detox action.
- : - 24h of pure and long lasting hydration.
- : - Desenziting properties.
- : - The skin is instantly soothed and hydrated with an incomparable feeling of softness and comfort.
- : - Help to recover the skin barrier function.
- : - Help to attenuate the neurogenic inflammation.
- : - Boost the repairing and regenerative process of skin.
-- : - Activates the skin’s autophagy and naturally removes the skin’s impurities.
- : - Reduce aging marks.
- : - Improves skin surface, reduce wrinkles and unifies skin tone.
- : - Instantly calms and refresh.
- : - Help to protect skin cells in hot weather.
- : - Increases hydration and protects the skin providing antioxidant benefits.
- : - Reinforces the cell detoxification process.
- : - Help to contribute to the regeneration process in the skin.
- : - Improves skin capabilities to capture and retain water.
- : - The skin recovers instantly it's silky, radiant and healthy look.
- : - Acts on the following Aging Theories: Toxic Waste Accumulation, Thermal Aging and Inflammaging
- : - Paraben-free.
: Sin parabenos.
Apply The Glacial White Caviar Treatment Mist over the face, neck and neckline when skin needs it. Keep the eyes closed whilst spraying the product over the face and avoid contact with eyes. Can be used during the day to refresh and calm sensitive skin. Ideal when travelling.
White Caviar Oil: Rich in essential amino acids, structuring peptides, proteins, essential fatty acids and trace elements. Anti-aging Lipoprotein complex with high repairing action.

Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water: High purity. Containing a unique combination of minerals, maintain and retain hydration and energize deeply. Maintains, restores and retains a pure hydration thanks to its technological nano-encapsulation.

Thermal Water: Mineromedicinal water from Hot Springs Salies de Bearn des Gaves(France). Rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Copper.

Cell-Detox Booster: It boosts the autophagy system. Reinforces the cell detoxification process of accumulated cells and improves radiance of intoxicated skin.

Desensitizing Hexapeptide: Attenuates neurogenic inflammation, itchiness and
redness related to sensitive skin. Improves hydration, scaling, smoothness and flexibility helping to restore the damaged cutaneous barrier function (protector effect).

Hyaluronic Acid Fraction: Combination of different type of molecular weights. Strong moisturizing power, increases skin suppleness. Amazing improvements in flexibility and forming a protective film. It has an intense lifting effect.

Organic Baobab Oil:
 It has regenerating, soothing, conditioning and anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Botanical Extracts (Edelweiss Flower and Cotton):
 Defends the skin from oxidative stress. Natural photo-protector from UV rays, anti-aging with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


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