Miriam Quevedo’s love for cosmetics began as a young girl, working in her mother’s herbal apothecary store in Barcelona, Spain. It was there, in her first workshop, where she discovered her passion for mixing beautiful, raw materials together to unlock nature’s best kept secrets for skin and hair.

Throughout her childhood, Miriam experimented with ingredients, creating different infusions, teas and topical solutions to enhance skin, hair and scalp. Her blends consisted of the finest quality ingredients from around the world, such as pure camellia and rosa mosqueta oils, roses from the south of Spain, orange blossoms from Valencia, water from the Mediterranean Sea and even diamond powder. She meticulously studied each ingredient until she became an expert in their unique properties.

Miriam’s skin and hair care creations soon began to garner a strong demand among the apothecary’s clients, who knew of her special personal blends and their nourishing efficacies. With the goal to one day run her mother’s store, Miriam studied to become a beautician and masseuse, while finishing high school. She went on to study at the University of Barcelona, ​​where she received a degree in economics, and then completed a Master's Degree for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises at one of Barcelona's most prestigious business schools, ESADE.

Over the course of her studies, Miriam’s dream evolved from running her mother’s apothecary into launching her own cosmetics brand. With the help of her high school sweetheart and now husband, the owner of a cosmetics research and development laboratory with over 35 years of experience, Miriam began her project.

Their mission was to combine her knowledge of the most precious and rare active ingredients with the laboratory’s state-of-the-art, scientific innovations. The result? An advanced cosmetics line and anti-aging powerhouse at the forefront of global beauty. Made with high concentrations of the world’s finest ingredients in Barcelona, each luxurious essential is a product of Miriam’s decades of experience as a true hair and skin care master.


Miriam Quevedo is an award-winning anti-aging powerhouse in skin and hair care. From rejuvenating hair treatments to customized skin rituals, the cutting edge line transcends modern cosmetic standards.

A renowned authority in skincare from a young age, Miriam Quevedo applied her intensive anti-aging techniques for skin to her hair collections. The luxurious solutions harness the same sophisticated ingredients and technologies, proven to deliver exceptional results for skin, to also promise healthy, youthful and resilient locks.


Sourcing and utilizing the world’s most precious ingredients, organic botanical blends and high-tech peptides, Miriam Quevedo offers unmatched luxury and efficacy for skin and hair.

Precious, Rare and Unique Ingredients
White Caviar Oil – 24 Karat Gold – Platinum & Diamonds

Exotic Botanicals
Oils – Extracts – Floral Waters

Cutting-edge Peptides

Hexapeptides – Tripeptides – Natural Peptides


Advanced Molecular Cosmetics

Miriam Quevedo’s passion lies not only in using the highest quality ingredients, but also in achieving the perfect synergy between nature and science for proven results. Revolutionary biotechnology fuses antioxidants with proteins, peptides and amino acids to create advanced delivery systems that turn back the hands of time.


The luxury of Miriam Quevedo extends beyond the product line with the brand’s Spa Rituals, indulgent experiences in select spas around the world that transport mind and body to an oasis of relaxation.

Harnessing anti-aging spa techniques, grounded in time-honored tradition, the Spa Rituals offer the paradigm in facial rejuvenation, body sculpting and sensorial beauty.


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