Miriam Quevedo x Silke London - For An Even Better Nighttime Hair Care Routine

Posted on: 01/30/2020 09:37:35
Category: Seasonal Care

Theres No Love Like #SelfLove - Elevate Your Haircare Ritual with Miriam Quevedo and Silke London

With Valentines Day in the middle of February, everything revolves around love this month. But we think theres more to love than romance, so were making February all about #SelfLove! We believe theres no love quite like the one you show to yourself, by committing to rituals that enhance your natural beauty and by taking care of your health and wellness.

Whether you want to focus on your skin or hair (or, why not both?), youll find great options in our online boutique. And in order to elevate your rituals further, weve been developing new products and partnering up with brands that, like us, are committed to helping you develop beauty routines that have your skin and hair looking their best.

When working on our new Black Baccara Haircare Collection we knew that reducing hair breakage would be an important strategy in tackling hair loss. Some hair breakage is due to weakened hair follicles and shafts, and our new collection helps strengthen hair from the inside to prevent it. But even the strongest of hairs is subject to breakage due to mechanical friction, such as the one we submit it to every night, when we rest our head on a pillowcase. So we are beyond excited to partner with Silke London and introduce you their luxurious silk hair wrap. Read below to find out how you can gift it to yourself this month!

What you’ll probably notice first about the Silke London hair wrap is how chic it looks and how smooth it feels to the touch. But in addition to being a fitting crown for your locks, this beautiful accessory elevates your haircare routine to entirely new heights.

We think the hair wrap is the perfect companion to the Black Baccara Haircare collection for a few very important reasons.

1. They promote growth

The powerful Miriam Quevedo formulations based on Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate and Fresh Rose Stem Cells support the Anagen (growth) phase of your hair. Meanwhile, the Silke hair wrap creates an efficient nightly barrier and ensures that these precious and effective ingredients stay on your hair and scalp, working while you sleep, instead of rubbing off on your pillowcase. Not to mention the hydration that comes with locking moisture!

2. They reduce breakages

While the Black Baccara hair products fortify the hair from the inside, the Silke hair wrap protects your hair from the mechanically caused breakage. All that while you’re sound asleep. A real dreamy duo!

3. They are a real #SelfLove statement

Just like Silke, we agree that nothing should stand between us and glorious hair days”, because #SelfLove comes easy when we look and feel our best.


If you’re ready to show your hair some love with this silky chic hair wrap, head to our e-boutique and purchase your Miriam Quevedo favourites or any new products you’ve been wanting to try. The first 50 purchases over 85€ with the code MQSELFLOVE / $95 with the code SELFLOVE will be shipped with one of the game-changing hair wraps from Silke London.


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