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What it is:  Youth-infused multifunctional formula that delivers potent anti-aging and moisturizing action while soothing scalp discomfort, redness and flaking.

Allure Russia Best of Beauty Award Winner 2013

What it does: Intense proteins and structure peptides, instantly penetrate hair and scalp to protect and reverse the damaging effects of UV rays, chemical/color processing, and heat styling. Leaves hair soft and full of bounce with 24 hours of continuous hydration.

Who it’s for: Ideal for those with dehydrated and sensitized hair and scalp.  Safe for keratin and color-treated hair.

What it’s free of: Formulated without Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oils, Phthalates, DEA, Sodium Chloride, Paraffin, or Petrolatum.

Ingredients : :
- : White Caviar Oil
- : Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water
- : Organic Baobab Oil
- : Damage Repair Complex
- : Complex of Edelweiss, Rice and Cotton flower extracts
- : Keratin Protection & Rebuilding System
- : Hyaluronic Acid Fraction
- : Scalp Hydrating and Calming Complex (Xylitol and Lactitol)
- : Betaine Amino Acid
- : Panthenol
- : Bisabolol
Benefits : :
- : Rejuvenating multi-functional mist.
- : It maintains replenishes and retains a continuous 24h pure hydration.
- : It refreshes and softens, fighting any sensitive or stressed scalp discomfort or moisture loss.
- : It soothes the scalp, restoring its natural ecosystem: by promoting growth of healthy micro-flora to the detriment of the pathogenic germs, it rebalances the cutaneous micro-flora and combats scalp discomfort (dryness, itching, flaking and irritation).
- : Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
- : Renewed, flexible and comfortable scalp.
- : High purity. A unique combination of minerals and trace elements that hydrate and energize in depth.
-- : High antioxidant activity: it defends the hair and scalp from oxidative stress and the deterioration of keratin.
- : Natural photo-protector of UV rays. It protects from heat.
- : Color and brightness protector: color safe and recovery of natural shine.
- : It defends from damage caused from chemical and heat processes.
- : It protects and prevents degradation caused by aging or chemical factors, such as drying, straightening, heat, wind, and exposure to sunlight.
- : It rebuilds and repairs keratin, maintaining the structure of the hair fibers to provide a much more manageable and healthier look.
- : With repairing, regenerating and protective properties.
- : It provides the hair with body and volume.

How to use: Spray over damp hair and scalp before styling. May be used on dry hair to protect and revitalize. Do not rinse. Use daily.

TIP: For fine hair, use during heat styling to stimulate volume-boosting properties.

White Caviar Oil: Precious Oil. One of nature’s best kept cosmetic secrets due to its richness in amino acids, proteins, essential fatty acids, trace elements and peptides. Creates a unique anti-aging lipo-protein complex, with powerful repairing, regenerative and protective properties.

Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water: Allows active ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin, increases cell’s resilience and survival at high temperatures. Protects against thermal aging and replenishes and maintains a pure and continuous hydration.

Damage Repair Complex:
Repairs damaged hair and scalp. Improves hair’s strength, thickness and water content. Provides texture and body to hair.

Organic Baobab Oil:
High antioxidant activity. Contains strong regenerating, soothing, conditioning, repairing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Complex of Edelweiss, Rice and Cotton flower extracts:
High antioxidant activity. Natural photo-protector with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Hair color protector.

Keratin Protection & Rebuilding System:
Rebuilds and repairs keratin while maintaining the structure of hair fibers to provide a more manageable and much healthier look. Acts as a thermal protector to prevent against heat damage.

Hyaluronic Acid Fraction:
Draws water to hair creating a plumping effect. Acts as a membrane to prevent moisture loss from the scalp. Deeply moisturizes both hair and scalp. Adds shine, increases elasticity, and forms a protective film.

Scalp Hydrating and Calming Complex (Xylitol and Lactitol):
Combats dryness, flaking and irritation. Provides immediate and long-lasting hydration.

Betaine Amino Acid:
Essential for maintaining hydration in both hair and scalp, retains up to 40% of water. Reduces irritation, protects, and leaves the scalp feeling comfortable.

Anti-inflammatory action.

Panthenol (Provitamin B5):
Protects, moisturizes, softens and brightens hair.

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