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Exceptional Ingredients

The perfect synergy between nature & biotechnology

We utilize the world's most precious ingredients, organic botanicals blends and high-tech peptides to offer unmatched luxury and efficacy for skin and hair

Raw materials of the highest quality fused with revolutionary biotechnology create potent cocktails of antioxidants, proteins, peptides and amino acids that instantly penetrate your skin, hair and scalp to erase the signs of aging and restore radiance while offering a safe and strong protection.

To commit to our transparency philosophy, you will find hereafter our ingredients index with their clinical studies, permanently updated.




Explore our ingredients list below

24K Micronized Gold
30% Vitamin C Ester 
5 Trace Elements Protein Complex 

Active Oxygen
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)
Amino Acid Betaine
Anti-Dandruff Phytobioactive
Anti-glycation Persian Silk Tree Extract
Anti-Humidity Polymer
Avocado Oil

Bioactive Vitamin C 
Bio-Ceramide Blend
Biologic Proteic Plasma (SHA)
Biomimetic Peptides
Black Truffle Oil
Blend of tensio-actives derived from plants
Boswelia Serrata Oil
Botanical Extracts (Organic Edelweiss Flower and Cotton)
Botanical Phyto-Active 15 Complex
Botanical Phyto-Active Complex
Brewer’s Yeast

Camellia Oil
Cationic Type Softeners
Cell-Detox Booster
Ceramide Fusion
Ceratonia Siliqua
Chamomile Butter
Chamomile Floral Water
Chia Seed Oil
Coenzyme Q10 Peptide
Cold Pressed Chia Seed Oil
Complex of 12 Energizing Botanical Extracts
Complex of Organic Edelweiss Flower,
Rice & Cotton Extracts
Conditioning Agents
Cooling Touch

Daemonorops Draco Extract
Damage Repair Complex
De-puffing and Anti-aging Peptide
De-Stressing Luxe Complex
Diamond Elixir Peptide
Diamond Powder
DNA Defense
Dragon Fruit Extract
Dragon’s Blood 

E Encapsulated Adenosine 
Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water
Extracellular Matrix Restructuring Complex 

F Fig Extract
Film Forming Micro-polymer
Fractioned Hyaluronic Acid
Fresh Rose Stem Cells
Frizz Control

Gluconolactone (PHAs)
Green Tea

Hair Growth Factors 
High Potency Triple-Antioxidant Complex 
Horse Chestnut Extract
Hydrolyzed Collagen 

I Illuminating Pigments

K Keratin Peptide
Keratin Protection & Rebuilding System 

Lemon Water
L-Glutamic Amino Acid
Linoleic and Linolenic Acid 
Lipoaminoacid Protector
Luxurious Oil Based Micro-emulsion 

M Magnolia Bark Complex
Marine Bamboo 
Marine Collagen Peptide
Matrixyl™ 3000
Memory Hold Micro-polymer

Methyl Nicotinate
Micellar Water
Mineral Pigments
Molecular Phyto-complex derived from Chestnuts
Moringa Peptide
Multi-bond Filler
Multi-Vitamin 8 Complex
Multi-Vitamin B Complex

Nacre powder
Natural Amino Acid Tensioactive
Natural Polishing Enzymes
Natural Tahitian Mother of Pearl & Coral Sand
Natural Tensioactives Derived from Coconut Oil
Natural Tensioactives derived from Coconut Oil & Oats
Natural Tensioactives derived from Oats
Natural Tocopherol Blend
Neem Oil
Niacinamide (B3) 5% 

Olive Oil
Orange Blossom Water
Orchid and Goji Extract
Organic Acai Extract
Organic Activated Charcoal
Organic Aloe Vera
Organic Argan Oil
Organic Baobab Oil
Organic Buckwheat Superfood
Organic Calendula Flower Extract
Organic Edelweiss Flower Extract
Organic Elderberry Flower Water
Organic Goji Extract
Organic Inca Inchi Oil
Organic Nettle Extract
Organic Ruscus Extract
Organic Shea Butter
Organic Silicon (silicium)
Organic Tomato Distilled Water
Organic Vitis Vinifera and Ruscus Extract
Oxygenating Delivery System

Pearl Powder
Phyto Softener
Phyto-active Astringent
Pineapple and Papaya Enzymes
Piroctone Olamine
Platinum Powder
Pomegranate Extract
Prebiotic Hexapeptide
Prebiotic Peptide
Precious Gemstones
Precious Powders
Probiotic Scalp Hydrating, Calming & Regulating Complex
Protective Mimetic System
Proteins Rich in Sulfur Amino Acids
Pure 24K Gold Flakes
Pure blend of natural Tocopherols 

R Rare Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate
Raspberry Seed Oil
Reaffirming Molecular Film
Remodeling Plant Extract
Rice Extract
Rose Hip Seed Oil

S Salicylic Acid
Scalp Hydrating and Calming Complex 
Sea foam
Sesame Oil
Shine Enhancing Agents
Silk Biopolymer
Squalane Oil
Super Stretch Mark Complex
Supercritical Rosa Moschata Oil
Supreme Texturizing Biopolymer
Sweet Almond Oil

Thermal Protection System
Thermal Water
Tissue Respiratory Factor
Tri-molecular Marine Collagen 

UVA & UVB Solar Filters

Vegan Keratin
Violet Pigments
Vital Hair and Scalp Complex
Vitamin A, C and E Complex
Vitamin E
Volcanic Cleansing Powder
Volume Agents 

White Caviar Extract
White Clay

Our black listed ingredients



Mineral oils




Toxic & Harmful Ingredients

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